How To Share Business Testimonials In WordPress

Business professionals that have a product or service to promote know that word-of-mouth and customer testimonials are a surefire way to build a larger client base. Social media and blogging have become the tools to help accomplish that online, sometimes with little effort. One way to improve your business blogging is by sharing the testimonials of happy customers or clients on your website.

If you’ve ever asked yourself if there is a plugin for that, the answer is most always a resounding yes. Here are a number of features to look for in a testimonial or quote plugin to help display feedback on your product or service.


Useful Admin Features

Look for a plugin that allows you to add testimonials to various parts of your website. The ability to add widgets to the sidebars or shortcode to blog posts and pages is desirable. Any features making it easy for you to customize output and make it look nice at the same time are necessary.

A plugin that creates different widgets, pages or rotators by category is especially nice so you can share different types of content about your business where applicable (specialized services, testimonials, best products, newest products, similar products, etc.). If you can’t find something you like that gives you the best of all things, at least make sure that the plugin used can rotate content so the information on your blog is not static and customers can learn something new about your visit each time they visit your blog.

If you want users to generate their own testimonial content, look for features that allow subscribers to post directly to your site. If you do this, you want the ability to review and publish the draft yourself. If you know who you want a testimonial from, create and account and invite them to post with the username and password you provide to them.

Most importantly, make sure there are directions explaining what needs to be done so you can get the final professional results you want.


How To Keep It Simple

A simple way to add testimonials to a WordPress blog is to customize one page to highlight the best of the best. Share the link in other posts, pages and in the sidebar via the standard widgets.

Another way to keep it simple is to find a premium WordPress theme that has integrated a testimonial feature. The feature usually allows custom posts to create as many testimonial posts you want and there should be a way to indicate where you want it displayed.

How To Get Testimonials

If you don’t have enough feedback to populate a page on your site, you can start with some general quotes that you have received about your business from customers. If anyone has been happy about a feature of a product or outstanding service share that as your own testimonial prefacing what customers are telling you or your staff (Example: “This is what we are hearing from our customers…”).

Look for testimonials and reviews in online social media. Share what connections are saying about you or your business on LinkedIn. Find the best customer reviews about your product or service to take snippets from. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial. If you have a happy client, ask them for a testimonial for your site.

Please comment to share with us how important testimonials are for your business.


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