The Ultimate Guest Blogging Checklist (You’ll Miss it at Your Own Risk!)

You know that guest blogging is white-hat SEO at its finest. When done right, it can not only improve the SE authority of your site pretty quickly, but it can also help you reach out to a new audience, create awareness about your brand and position yourself as an expert in your niche. When done wrong, it can easily ruin your brand or online business or online reputation.

Let’s have a quick look at all the major benefits of guest posting once again, so that you are geared up to include it in your overall online marketing plan.

Guest BloggingAttract highly targeted traffic to your site
Build domain and SE authority
Establish online influence
Build online writing portfolio/ credibility
Enhance your writing
Increase brand exposure
Build subscriber base
Gather valuable feedbacks

Could you ask for more? [I don’t think so.]

So, how do you get started with guest posting? How do you make the most of your guest blogging efforts? How do you make sure that you are doing it right, and not making mistakes that others are committing?

Well, you need a checklist. I created one for your convenience. Don’t forget to go through this guest blogging checklist every time you plan to publish a guest post on someone else blog.

Guest Blogging Goals (Primary & Secondary)

Do I want to establish credibility?
Do I want to create awareness about my products/ services?
Do I wish to communicate my brand’s message?
Do I plan to drive traffic to my site?
Do I want to create an online community?
Do I want to Increase customer loyalty?
Do I want to improve the overall SEO of my site?
Do I want to attract more subscribers?

Target Audience

Who is my target audience?
What are their likes, dislikes and aspirations?
What problems are they struggling with?
Can I offer them quick and easy solutions?

Choosing Blogs

Did I select a niche-relevant blog?
Is my selected blog authoritative, with good reputation?
Does the blog attract the kind of audience I seek?
Is the blog also good in terms of reader engagement?
What type of guest posts does the blog publish?
What type of guest authors does it feature?

Contacting the Blogger

Did I write a perfect email pitch?
Did I include some interesting, unique topic ideas in the email?
Did I mention my background in brief?
Did I include links to some of my recently published guest posts?

Writing/ Completing the Guest Post

Did I go through the guest posting guidelines?
Did I conduct adequate subject research?
Did I do the required keyword research?
Did I craft a killer title or headline?
Is the post introduction catchy enough?
Does the post include facts to support my claim (if any)?
Is the post appropriately formatted and readable?
Did I include internal links (to older posts on target blog)?
Did I credit resources that I have used?
Did I re-check to ensure all links are working?
Did I include high quality images, charts, and illustrations?
Did I proofread the post, at least twice?

Following Up (Once Submitted & Published)

Did I send the host blogger a quick ‘Thank You’ email?
Did I check out the published post to be sure it’s in order?
Did I promote the guest post through my social media contacts?
Did I respond to comments?
Did I collect the valuable feedbacks?

Tracking Progress

Am ready to track the progress?

Tracking the progress of your guest posting strategy has utmost importance. By measuring your progress or the rate of your success, you’ll be in a good position to tweak your strategy for improved results.

How did you like the checklist? Please let me know in comments.

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