Are Bloggers Addicted to the Internet?

By Zac Johnson | Blogging

Mar 06

As bloggers we spend a great deal of time on the internet… probably even more than the average internet user!

In the infographic below we put Men and Women to the test to see who is more addicted to the internet!

The reports was created from a survey about lifestyle priorities and was conducted in July 2012 among 1029 respondents.

What is the average time men and women spend online each week?

– 48% of females spends more than 26 hours per week on the internet, while 46% of men spend more than 26 hours per week on the internet.

I know I spend more than 26 hours on the internet in just a few days!

Percentage of Time Men and Women Spend Doing Certain Activities Online

– At the end of the infographic you will probably find it very surprising how closely some of these numbers are between males and females. I particularly found the gaming numbers very close and surprising. For the most part, each of the categories (games, shopping, email, social networks) all really came close to 10% range for both male and females.

Now it’s time for someone to do a similar report with bloggers so we can blow these numbers away with how much time we spend online!

Infographic created by: broadbandexpert


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Yes, may be.But not only blogger, whole internet marketer.But i cannot say it as addicted, hey were on always online 24*7 for finding the next biggest things or implementing new ideas…

Reeja March 6, 2013

sometimes its doing work more than addiction
Great Survey Zac

Rowan March 6, 2013

I guess bloggers need to stay updated on what’s happening in their field of interest. With the ever greater amount of content out there it probably is becoming an ever greater habit. I foresee that internet addictions can only grow. Let’s all try to enjoy the world outside the internet as well, there is more than this as well, how important it may become in our lives :-)

Ajay March 7, 2013

I confess, i am addicted to Internet.
And one reason that bloggers are addicted to Internet is because, we people need to curate content and for that purpose we need to surf a lot. And slowly we get addicted.

ADESANMI March 8, 2013

As a matter of sincerity,bloggers are internet addicts!

VKool March 9, 2013

I admit that I spend literally way more than 26 hours a week working on my blog and hanging around other blogs. It started as a fun job and switched to a hobby I guess.

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