Landing Page Inspiration: 9 of the Best

Whether you’re just starting out as a blogger or have been doing so for years, having great landing pages is extremely important – this post aims to give you enough landing page inspiration to take your blog to the next level! Done properly, landing pages can increase the rate of conversion amongst your readership, encouraging them to read more content, buy a product, or take meaningful action after they have arrived at your site.

To understand a bit better how these pages are designed, and why they’re such a crucial component when drawing in new visits and turning them into conversions, it’s worth looking at several examples. Amid the thousands of landing pages online, there are seven that stand out among them as the most effective, and best designed, making them perfect examples for those new to the concept.

1. Shutterstock


Two key questions answered by a good landing page are “who?” and “how?” The goal of these pages is to encourage new visitors to become customers, largely through a product or subscription purchase. This is the goal of Shutterstock’s landing page, which features a call to action, encouraging customers to view plans and pricing, above the fold. It next explains what the company is, what they offer, and what makes them different from the competition. By defining their business and boldly encouraging new visitors to become a part of it, the company’s landing page is easily one of the best.

2. Buzzstream


Beyond merely defining a company and encouraging new customers to take part in its products, a good landing page should include testimonials from those customers who have already purchased a product or subscription from the site. This can be seen on BuzzStream’s landing page, which features two customer tutorials that build rapport with new visitors. Each testimonial comes from a different type of “typical” customer helped by BuzzStream and, when pared with the company’s large call to action at the top of the page, it makes the landing page an effective way to increase customer conversions.

3. MK Relocations


I wanted to give an example of how local business can create great landing pages – MK Relocations, in my opinion, do this brilliantly. In an attempt to bring in the exact right customers for future sales, the company has developed its landing pages around specific towns and regions. The example shown here is the site for customers in Northampton, which effectively reaches out to a small demographic area while maintaining the company’s larger message and goals.

This page is a shining example of how to target a very small niche of the online marketplace and turn it into sales via a special connection, the conveying of expertise, and a demonstration of authority.

4. QuickSprout


Quick Sprout is a training system that helps to educate marketing professionals in the skills needed to boost their SEO and take charge of their online marketing strategy. The system’s landing page is perfect, of course, as one would expect from a company that does this sort of thing for a living. Quick Sprout immediately sells customers on its authority and expertise by noting that some of its clients include the likes of NBC and Amazon. Testimonials from other influential industry sources are included, amid marketing copy and videos that help to sell the system.

The site is easy on the eyes, it’s intuitive, and it blends written copy with video content in a way that will engage users and keep their attention. That’s good news for conversions and profits no matter the kind of site and the product that they happen to be selling.

5. Squarespace


The landing page at SquareSpace takes a slightly different approach to customer conversions, though one that is equally successful and engaging. Instead of having their existing customers give testimonials about the product’s useful features, the company’s landing page features a full tour of SquareSpace’s major selling points. Complete with calls to action, product screenshots, and very large textual descriptions of each feature, this slick page is an effective way to sell and convert.

6. Shortstack


Shortstack’s goal is to transform the way customers engage with social media, and it uses its landing page to entice new visitors with strong calls to action, testimonials from existing customers, and a series of examples that show how the service can be used with Facebook and other social networks. A call to action is featured above the fold, as well as in the page’s title, leaving no doubt in visitors’ minds as to how they should proceed after landing on this page.

7. Go Live


Go Live is a tool used to generate buzz about websites through social networks, and the landing page created by the company is a key way to communicate this. The landing page features several calls to action, as well as an illustrated “flow chart” that shows how the product works. It maintains a constant sense of movement and motion, encouraging customers to follow calls to action and sign up with the service as soon as they can.

8. Wellshine


Wellshine’s landing page starts with a simple statement about what they do, and then features a call to action for those customers who would like to become franchisees with the company. Thereafter, the landing page continues to pair useful pictures with a list of benefits that come from choosing Wellshine over the competition. The landing page is a bit longer than most, but it answers the key question about purpose and benefits with ease. To be honest, the design isn’t as slick as others that I found but the most impressive part of this are the calls to action – anyone visiting that page knows exactly how to get in touch and why they should.

9. Bear CSS


A call to action is featured in large print on the left side of this landing page, and the instructions for using Bear CSS are featured immediately to the right of the call to action. There is simply no doubt when landing on this page: Customers should start using it right now, and many of them undoubtedly will.

Great Landing Pages are the Key to Great Success

With customer testimonials, examples of a product in action, and strong calls to action, these landing pages represent the best way for those new to the concept to engage their visitors. By using landing pages to answer key questions, like how, why, and who, landing pages can boost conversion rates and increase subscriptions dramatically after implementation.

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