Truth About Writing A Blog Post in 20 Minutes Revealed

Is it really possible to finish a blog post in 20 minutes?

I’ve seen a lot of articles on this and although they do discuss steps that will allow you to write a blog post in just a few minutes, I believe that there is one thing missing—something that authors didn’t include in there: preparation.

If you think about it, how is it possible to write a great post in such a quick time? You can write something from scratch but don’t expect it to be stellar.

I’ve done it a lot of times before. Yes, it’s doable. However, 20 minutes are not enough to acquire all the data you need to back up your piece. It’s almost impossible to think of a unique angle on topics that have been written over and over in that amount of time. Additionally, how can you proofread your work before time runs out?

You can finish a blog post in 20 minutes but the result is most likely not going to please you—or your clients.

Writing a blog post is different from creating blog content. Remember that (and yes, you can tweet that if you like).

can you write a blog post in 20 minutes?What your blog needs is content—useful content. And to do that, it’ll require you to spend more than 20 minutes. Successful writers know this. And this is something you have to remember all the time.

A great blog post is packed with information delivered in the most interesting way. It’s different from the usual stuff seen on the web. Most importantly, it’s compelling and can affect change.

Do you think you can have all these in 20 minutes? Most certainly not.

Let me break down the steps required in creating awesome blog content.

Gather data. Research will and should take up most of your time. You have to make sure that all data is accurate and from reliable sources. There are times when you’ll need to look for sources other than the web. In my experience, 30 minutes is not enough to gather all data I’ll need even for a 500-word post.

Plan how you’re going to write the post. After gathering all that data, you need to soak it all in to figure out an angle for your post. In an age where most blogs talk about the same thing, it can be very difficult to produce something that’s not been tackled by other writers. Brainstorming can be a very long process.

Start writing. Writing the first sentence can be painstaking or smooth-sailing depending on how much you know about your topic. If you’ve spent enough time doing the first 2 entries, then you should be done in a few minutes.

This is why a lot of writers say it’s possible to create something awesome in less than 20 minutes. It’s only doable when you know what and how you’re going to write. That explains so many people’s claims that you can write a blog post in 20 minutes or less.

Proofread and revise when needed. Your work doesn’t end when you’ve written the concluding sentence. You have to check for errors and make the necessary changes where needed. Proofreading is crucial because this ensures your work is flawless and adheres to all guidelines provided by your clients.

Did you notice that there are only 4 steps? And yet it takes more than 20 minutes. Yes, you can write a blog post in 20 minutes but it’s not going to be something you’ll be proud of.

The bottom line here is you shouldn’t be too concerned about completing a blog post in less than 20 minutes. You have to focus on creating high-quality posts. Quality takes time and effort. It will make you a better and more profitable blogger.

So what about you? Do you think you can write a great blog post in that short time? Feel free to post your thoughts below.

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