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7 Smart Ways to Increase, Comments, likes, and Engagement on Facebook

Posted by on 1st Mar 2013 | 7 comments

Do you have a Facebook fan page? I guess you have one.

I’m not here to coach you on what you already know; but what you know but have failed to apply.

Before I go into the main subject of this post, I’ll like you to know the following:

People like to do things the old way. When you tell them,” this is the new way to spur likes and comments on Facebook’’, they’d reply, ”No. I learnt a method 3 months ago and I’m not ready to learn another”.

If you know deep down in yourself that you’re not going to apply the tips I’ll be sharing soon with you, don’t read this content.

This post is only meant for serious digital marketing strategists and marketers who’re ready to learn.

Oh! It seems like I’m preaching; sorry.

Now, back to the main subject of this post: How can you translate your fans into actively engaged readers?

How can you increase comments, likes, and shares on your Facebook fan page?

Hmm…  I’ll be demystifying this myth in this post.

1.     K.I.S.S their eyes

 7 Smart Ways to Increase, Comments, likes, and Engagement on FacebookOur eyes are naturally drawn to beautiful graphics and pictures. In fact, people tend to read posts with nice graphics and videos.

Pro tip: according to Facebook, posts with conceptual images, photo album and videos tend to generate over 100% engagement.

Take away tip: Make use of pictures and videos in your posts.

2.     K.I.S.S (keep it short and simple)

Keep your posts short and informative.

Stick to short comments but don’t be afraid to post longer comments from time to time.

When I mean short comments, I don’t mean the, ” I just hired a web content writer” type of comment. I mean an insightful and informative post.

Pro tip: choose your topic wisely. Present it in a unique way; keep it short, and try to encourage debate and discussion.

3.     Timing matters

It’s absurd to post in the mornings when young people are preparing to go to school and the rest of us just settling into our work for the day.

Pro tip: Afternoons and Evenings are the best time to post. Mornings are busy times but as the day progresses (at 4 to 5 pm), people start to engage more on Facebook.

Take away tip: This is the PRIME TIME to post on Facebook.

Note: Don’t also forget weekends. People tend to stay more on Facebook during weekends to make comments and spark up conversations.

4.     Don’t use a short link

Facebook users are more likely to click on a whole link rather than a short link like, bit.ly

Pro tip: Facebook users nowadays are inquisitive. They like to know what they’re clicking on so don’t try to save space by using abbreviated URLS.

5.     Emoticons

I don’t know about you, I love using emoticons. Posts with emoticons tend to spur more likes and comments.

Pro tip: don’t hide your feelings. Show it out by frowning, winking, and laughing. Catch your reader’s eyes by telling them how you feel (with the use of emoticons).

6.     Ask and you shall receive

Asking questions is a great way to spur comments and increase engagement on Facebook.

If you’d tell your Facebook fans how you’d like them to engage, many will feel happy to get involved.

7.     Tell  a fairy tale story

He he! I love stories and I believe you do too.

Share the story of how you started your firm, the challenges you encountered, and how you became an over-night success. Tell them about your company’s success and success stories of your clients.

Share EVERGREEN stories and you’d convert them into loyal fans.

Do me a Favor: Share this post to at least, one person. I’d appreciate your LIKES AND TWEETS.

Were you inspired reading this post? Let me know what you think in the comments section.
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Daniel Adetunji is a social media geek and Web Content Writer. He’s also a prolific freelance writer and guest blogger who offers web content writing services to online entrepreneurs.

7 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Internet Marketing Springfield Missouri on 2nd Mar 2013

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Daniel. I’m a serious digital marketing strategist so I found your post very useful.. especially with the timing. Yes, weekends are the best days to post something on Facebook and Twitter. And I also agree with your perception regarding abbreviated urls. Many readers now are getting scared to click on abbreviated urls because they have no idea what they’re clicking… :)
    Internet Marketing Springfield Missouri recently posted..What Is SEO?My Profile

  • Posted by Mohd Aktar on 2nd Mar 2013

    Yes. These way to get Comments, likes on Facebook. Thank you so much for this post.
    Mohd Aktar recently posted..Download Grey Free Premium WordPress themeMy Profile

  • Posted by Jijin Mohan on 2nd Mar 2013

    Great tips Daniel, in my opinion posting in the prime time can bring you many likes and comments. And if pictures and videos involved, tag some people whom are fond of those, that way we can increase the virality. That was a nice read btw :)
    Jijin Mohan recently posted..How To Build A Kick-Ass Gaming Rig On An Affordable BudgetMy Profile

  • Posted by Ardiv Jauhari on 3rd Mar 2013

    Brilliant post Daniel! I do get higher engagement from pictures and videos on Facebook but engagement is still low (in terms of like and share) even when I apply them to my blog posts. I guess my writing is still bad LOL.
    Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..Find More Leads with Good Online MarketingMy Profile

  • Posted by Sarvesh on 3rd Mar 2013

    Nice collection of tips Daniel.
    For friends to catch your status updates, timing plays vital role, after only which there can be comments, likes or sharing… and the popularity your fan page
    Sarvesh recently posted..BMW X1 2013 Model More Promising With EnhancementsMy Profile

  • Posted by Anil Bhogia on 4th Mar 2013

    The above technique help for connect to any social media website like facebook,twitter etc. so large making the link building and comment the different website.so some thing remember which tell the above article.
    Anil Bhogia recently posted..What is Travel PortalMy Profile

  • Posted by tushar thakur on 6th Mar 2013

    i think timing and the title is most important to attract your viewer and this can also help us in building new links and contacts also………
    tushar thakur recently posted..How VoIP Continues to Change the Way People Do BusinessMy Profile