5 Ways to Decode the Sneaky Signs of a Failed Blog

Are you really sure that your blog will be a success? Thousands of new blogs are being made every day, and only a very small percentage of them will make it to the top. Yes, only a small percentage will ever enjoy the popularity and prosperity. Most of them will go to waste. Most of them will become the dust of the internet. So, if you’re curious to determine whether your blog will be a success or not, here are 5 ways to decode the sneaky signs of a failed blog:

1. High bounce rate


Take a look at your blog analytics and see the bounce rate that you have. If it’s too high, then it means that the visitors coming to your blog are not really interested in reading your blog. They just arrive at your blog and then leave it 5 seconds later. This is the biggest sign that your blog is going to fail. Unless you change the way you write your content or the way you present your blog, this bounce rate will keep getting higher until finally you’ll no longer have visitors coming to your blog.


2. No comments


Take a look at your blog posts and see whether there are some comments left by your readers or not. If there’s nothing there, then it might be the sign that your blog is not interesting enough to drive your readers to respond to what you’re writing. When your readers leave no comments after reading your blog post, it means that your blog post is not compelling enough for them to drop a line to say thanks.


3. No passion for writing


If you have no passion for writing, you will tend to abandon your blog. No matter what you think blogging is, you have to understandStocks Down that it is tied tightly with your ability to write. You need to have passion for writing in order to keep your blog growing. When the blogger doesn’t have a passion for writing at all, then the blog is deemed to fail. Updating your blog is a necessary thing to do if you want to be successful at blogging. If you keep slacking on this process, then it is sure that you’ll fail at blogging.


4. No connection


A blog needs to be connected with other blogs in order to be accepted by the blogging community. It means that you need to actively participate in other blogs in order to raise the popularity of your blog. You can do this by commenting on other blogs or writing guest posts for other blogs. If you have no connection and no links pointing from other blogs to your blog, then it will be difficult for you to raise your popularity in blogging. In other words, there will be no traffic coming to you and your blog will be dead in a short amount of time.


5. All free


If you are unwilling to invest on various things related to your blog, then you’re deemed to fail at blogging. Why? That’s because your competitors are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars investing on various things in order to make their blog popular. If you do nothing for your blog and if you only use free resources for your blog (such as free theme, free plugin, etc.), then your blog will become stagnant. There will be no real development in your blog and it will quickly wither away.


Those are 5 ways to decode the sneaky signs of a failed blog. Most bloggers don’t realize that their blog is slowly dying. If you don’t realize the signs above, then your blog too will die unless you do something about it.

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