Use Elegant Themes on Your Blog – A Review

Just imagine -

You walk into a shop. You browse and suddenly, there’s this attractive product which gets your attention immediately, out of all others.

You check it out and buy, without even worrying about its cost.


This is the impact that an awesome product has on us. This awesomeness is a pre-requisite of every blog or website.

A theme completes this awesomeness.

Elegant Themes might just do the trick for you.

Elegant Themes

The team behind the Elegant Themes has been developing some of the best themes I have seen for a while. If you are:

  • fed up of finding that ‘free’ WordPress theme;
  • looking for an affordable theme;
  • not able to afford Thesis or Genesis;

I will most definitely recommend Elegant Themes. Mind you, it is not a second best to Thesis or Genesis. They have their own importance, Elegant Themes has its own value.

Sample Elegant Themes

Sample some of their themes:

  • Nimble Theme


  • Notebook Theme


  • Gleam Theme


  • Harmony Theme


Aren’t these elegant? There are 75+ more in their arsenal.

Elegant Themes Features

Their ePanel is the easiest to navigate. You don’t have to deal with complex codes and hooks. The ePanel is completely responsive.

1. Layout

The layout tab is for adjusting the structure of the site.

ET Layout

2. Ad Management

The themes come with pre-defined ad spaces. You just have to enable it and install ad codes.

ET Ads

3. Code Integration

If you can’t handle codes, you will find yourself clueless about inserting Google Analytic codes and others. Elegant Themes makes this easy. Just visit the integration tab, add codes to header or footer, click save.

ET Integration

4. General Settings

This tab is for adding blog logo, favicon, selecting colours, blogging format and others.

ET General Settings

5. Navigation

This tab helps you to structure the blog layout. You get to choose which pages to display, which categories to display, how to display, add breadcrumbs and others.

ET Navigation

  • ePanel

Here’s how the ePanel looks:

ET ePanel

The Elegant Themes are compatible with WordPress plugins and they do not make blogs heavy. You can find themes for magazines, eCommerce, business, blogs, apps, multimedia, personal blogs, portfolios, tumblog and responsive themes.

If you just starting out, you can buy their Basic package. Get the Developers package if you want to heavily optimize their themes.

For me, Elegant Themes means class, style and responsive. What do you think?

About the Author

Chitraparna Sinha is the founder of Esmee Network, a company that offers digital marketing solutions to business owners through creatively engaging content development and marketing services across multiple verticals to improve branding and business revenue. She is writing on BloggingTips since early 2012.

Anil Bhogia - March 1, 2013

This is fact that Every website will be attractive whenever which contains the special panel., layout .text management ,control ,link management code integration ,general setting etc.
because that thing is true whose see is whose bought.

mohd akbar - March 1, 2013

Nice Elegant Themes you have share here, I like Gleam Theme seems interesting. I will give it a try. Thanks.

Lakhyajyoti - March 2, 2013

The theme looks very clean and comes with lots of interesting features. Planning to give a try. Thanks for the share.

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