CodeGuard Automatic Full Website Backup Service

If you are reading this post, then there is a good chance that you own and run a website of some kind. You may have a blog, a company website, an online forum or any number of other kinds of sites. These are important to you and they should be backed up properly, just as you would back up all the data that you have stored on your own computer.

Manual backups can be time-consuming and unreliable. It makes far more sense to consider a service like that offered by CodeGuard. They promise to give you a “time machine for your website,” completely automating the backup process and storing all that vital data to the cloud.

Back Up Your Entire Website

CodeGuard supports a number of major platforms, including WordPress, cPanel, Joomla and mySQL, so it should be able to do a complete and reliable backup of your website.


In order to start the backup process, you will need to connect your site to CodeGuard by providing it with your FTP and mySQL login information. The initial backup will scour through your account and save all that data to the cloud. During this time, you can view real-time updates on the progress.

After the initial backup is complete, CodeGuard will make periodic automatic backups, presumably on an incremental change level, on a daily basis. All this while, you have access to the user dashboard where you can review the progress and make sure that everything is working as it should. But CodeGuard goes further than just automating the backup process.

Monitoring and Notifications

You’re probably aware of the changes that you are making yourself to your website, but what if it gets compromised and hacked? Sometimes, you don’t even notice the security breach until days or weeks later. At that time, the damage may already be done.


That’s why it’s so useful that CodeGuard also has a built-in monitoring system. It compares each of the successive backups to see if anything has changed and, if so, how much of it has changed. This includes monitoring the number of files that have changed, as well as the number of lines in a database that may have been altered. This could be an indication of being hacked. Don’t worry, CodeGuard can be configured to ignore changes to common files like logs, stats and the cache.

This monitoring is accompanied with email alerts. This way, you can always stay on top of what is happening with your site and react accordingly if something is amiss.

Restore Any Clean Version of Your Site

So, let’s say something does happen to your site and you need to revert back to a previous version. CodeGuard keeps a history of previous versions of your site, just like Time Machine on a Mac. You can then choose to restore to any “clean” version of your site before the unauthorized change or malicious attack.

CodeGuard can attempt to automatically restore your site for you, replacing your current content with what it has in the backup, or you can download the ZIP file and perform a manual restoration yourself. You can also opt to restore specific files from the backup archive. If you’re confused about how to do any of this, CodeGuard has a great series of tutorial videos to guide you through the process.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing plans depend on your needs. Most users will likely opt for the personal plan, which costs $5 per month per website. It provides up to 5GB of cloud storage per site, including daily backup and monitoring. If you need to back up additional sites, they are $5 each per month up to a maximum of 10 sites.


Going bigger, there is the $99/month professional plan that will support up to 25 websites and up to 125GB of total storage. You get the same daily backup and monitoring, but the professional plan also comes with phone support, client access and reporting, on-demand backups, and advanced security. The top of the line $299/month enterprise plan bumps things up to 100 websites and 500GB of storage. All three plans come with a 14 day free trial.

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