What not to Blog about in the First Six Months?

By Chitraparna Sinha | Blogging

Feb 26

So, you think you’re a blogger?

In the last 5 years, I have seen so many newbie bloggers dolling out advice that they know nothing about in the first place but positioning themselves as if they ‘know all’. This is a really negative practice.

Here I have listed 7 points / questions which any blogger without a minimum of 6 months active blogging experience should not blog about.

1. How to Blog?

For the sake of blogging, do not write about ‘how to blog’ when you barely know it yourself. You are not Zac Johnson or John Chow to claim authority on this. If they were to start another blog and write about this, it is justified but not for you. You have a long way to go before recommending others on how to blog.

2. How to Make Money Blogging?

If you are not earning anything, you cannot advice others on how to make money with blogging. If you are and visitors know you are a new blogger in the blogosphere, back up your claims with real proof. Add screenshots while claiming how much you are earning as a new blogger. This will help you to build authority and inspire other new blogging along the process.

Not to blog

3. Advertisement Revenues

You will be really lucky to earn any kind of advertising revenue from a new blog. Until you do, don’t advice others on how to do it.

4. How to Increase PR?

Again, you will be really lucky to get a Page Rank. I know there are bloggers who get PR 2 to PR 4 in the first PR update itself but that doesn’t make you a PR guru! No matter how much wisdom is there in PR increasing advices, every blog is unique and will get PR their own way.

5. How to Become a Professional Blogger?

Six months in blogging doesn’t make you a professional blogger. Claim the “professional” blogger title after spending 18-24 months in active blogging. Think before positioning yourself as a professional blogger in guest posts and author bios. You will do yourself and your readers a great disservice.

6. How to Build Links?

Just because you have learnt to build links via commenting or got that PR 7 link from an .EDU blog doesn’t make you a link builder. If after 7-8 years, Rand Fishkin, Darren Rowse, Zac Johnson and other ‘real’ professional bloggers are experimenting with linking, your opinion doesn’t count. Harsh, but true!

7. How to do SEO?

The same reasoning follows here as the previous one. Six months is not enough to learn the ropes of SEO.

Think before you blog. Am I right or am I right? :)


About the Author

Chitraparna Sinha is the founder of Esmee Network, a company that offers digital marketing solutions to business owners through creatively engaging content development and marketing services across multiple verticals to improve branding and business revenue. She has been writing weekly columns on BloggingTips since early 2012.

Tom February 26, 2013

Only 1,2, & 5 apply. Who’s to say the newbie isn’t already a seasoned SEO pro?

    Chitraparna Sinha February 27, 2013

    If the newbie is, he/she should back it up with proof. If a new blogger cum expert SEO doles out advice on SEO, it should be accompanied with evidence like “see, I used my SEO knowledge on this on this blog for a client and its on top. I am going to employ the same on this blog”…unless this is there, its useless.

Gajendran megajolla February 27, 2013

newbies have to stay more patience with any earning for first 6 months
this article helps newbies much good.

BlackWoods February 27, 2013

Depend on how you want to treat your blog as.
If you want to be a full time blogger which you depend your life on it, you need to understand all these and make sure you do it good.

For casual blogger, SEO and blog commenting is not so important.

    Chitraparna Sinha February 28, 2013

    For a casual blogger, nothing is important because he/she uses blog as a diary only 😛

Chris Mayhew February 27, 2013

Have to say I agree with the large majority of the points made. It’s actually quite awkward to read someone’s blog about ‘how to be a successful blogger’ when they clearly haven’t nailed it themselves just yet.

Alan Murfee February 27, 2013

You are absolutely right, many people start their blogs but only few of them survive. Blogging is not easy as it looks , you need to devote your time consistently along with writing quality content. Blogging requires passion and patience in order to become successful.

Marilyn February 27, 2013

Excellent points, I’ve been blogging for 9 years. The past few years its been on and off and even I don’t rank myself as pro like I see newbies. It drives me crazy when they try to tell me how things need to be done or that I waste my time and money on self hosted WordPress. Thank you for pointing this out to bloggers. I hope they listen.

rakesh kumar March 18, 2013

Very Good, this is the main source of frustration of all the new bloggers and you nailed all that points in a single post, Instead of that they must concentrate to new solution they found to solve a particular problem. Thus they will create unique post and also will attract traffic.

Bharadwaj Giridhar March 18, 2013

😛 Awesome title and good post! love it!

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