Killer Tips To Make Your Every Blog Post Go Viral

Writing a simple regular blog post everyday is hell lot of work.

You have to push your limits for staying at your routine because we humans want rest and day offs. But, to be able to write post that goes viral, you have to be mentally ready to work two times more than regular posts.

An, even though you may believe you have done everything that there is to do for making your post hot all over the blogosphere, it is never guaranteed. But you can bet to make your every Blog Post Go Viral if you follow few simple tricks that I’m going to unfold right here right now.

Blog Post Go Viral

Controversial Topics:

Best thing to do for getting hot and creating a buzz about you and your blog is covering some controversial topics. Or taking a simple issue and make it controversial.

By controversy, I don’t mean to go totally opposite to the reality of everything. But, say what you think about it and not what others are saying or want to hear. You have your own voice and you should definitely use it. This doesn’t only make you a honest man, it also makes your Blog Post Go Viral.

Be true and be yourself.

High Quality:

I’m not going to through same words on you that everyone else has thrown by saying that having high quality post can do anything.

My point is, your blog posts needs to be good. A huge misconception that people have about high quality article is that they think such articles are highly grammatical filled with outstanding words. But the matter of the fact is, it is not the way it is. High quality article is where every point is clearly discussed and is easy to read and understand while feeding you all the information that its title claims.

Don’t Beat About The Bush:

Say what you have to say in clear fashion. Don’t rotate the words and make people confused. Tell them what they need. That can be an idea, solution, suggestion or anything like that. Give them what they want instead of feeding them what you want. If your article is to the point and delivers something at the best level, I bet you’re going to get your Blog Post Go Viral & Hot in matter of no time.


SEO is must. And, every blogger understands its importance regardless of the fact that some are experts and some are not. You need to be pretty good in SEO in order to make your blog post go viral and get the maximum out of your every article. For doing so, you don’t need to be a SEO specialist or anything like that. Knowing all the basics would work in pretty handy fashion.


Nothing becomes popular without promotion. Not even a movie by someone who have seen blockbuster success many times. Every time they shoot a new one, they get to promote it to get people talking about this and coming to see their work. That’s how you need to be in blogging for making your posts hot.

Tell your friends, relatives and all others that you can using social networks, direct conversation or any and everything that you think can work.

What do you do to make your Blog Post Go Viral? How do you write post that goes viral? Let me know your experience and thoughts in the comments section below.

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