Should you Use Content Locking and Earn?

PS: Please note that I don’t approve of this method as of now (why?) but it doesn’t mean you won’t too. Do read, understand and decide.

What is Content Locking?

Content locking is a method via which you get to earn from visitors even before they view your blog content. Content locking is usually associated with CPA offers. In other words, you use CPA codes on your blog. When anyone visits the blog, they see the CPA offer first. For instance, it could be a survey, free downloads or anything else. Once you complete any of the CPA offers, you get to see the content. Thus, you are earning off your visitors even before they see the blog content!

You can check out this video to learn more.

Some Content Locking Ideas

Here are some often used content locking ideas:

1) Offer Free Trials -

If you have any product or service, you could lock your content and ask visitors to sign up first for free trials. You can do the same with any other merchant product account but it is more recommended for your own products. After the free trial period is over, you can pitch them for paid full version.

2) Offer Memberships

If you are teaching any course, you can opt for content locking to gain memberships. If you are offering free memberships, you can combine it with any CPA offer so that you still get to earn while offering free memberships. Later, you can monetize the memberships as well.

Content Locking

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3) Give a Free eBook

You can offer a free eBook for visitors to access after they complete a content locking gateway. First, they have to complete the CPA offer and you can use automated emailing to send the eBook after successful CPA offer completion.

4) Offer Free Downloads

If you have a technology site, you can offer free software downloads to visitors. However, lock the free download with a CPA gateway.

5) YouTube

Lately, you will see YouTube asking visitors to view ads one time or at regular intervals while watching movies, mostly. This is their idea of content locking, that is, giving their advertisers more eyeballs. You can do something similar. Create a video on a topic which has demand and lock it!

There are many more but start with these and experiment.

20 CPA Content Locking Networks

Below are some popular content locking CPA networks. Do check them out before signing up, especially their TOS.

  • BlamAds
  • LeadBolt
  • BlueTrackMedia
  • AdscendMedia
  • CPAlead
  • AdgateMedia
  • Mobooka
  • AdWorkMedia
  • PointClickTrack
  • CPAtank
  • Incent2Click
  • XRevMedia
  • RedFireNetwork
  • CPAGrip
  • RAR Media Group
  • Affiliate Gateways
  • EnvyusMedia
  • WinterLeads
  • 007CPA
  • Kygnos


Whether you should use content locking systems or not is completely your decision. People are earning via this method so you can try as well!

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Tan - February 24, 2013

I really hated when a site have Content Loking. It really bother me and I’m sure it bother everyone else too.

Achin Jain - February 25, 2013

No content locking distract the visitors and in turn make visitors leave your Blog..

anil bhogia - February 25, 2013

this is great article. i don’t know CPA content but now i know so thank share the knowledge publicly.

Hadley - February 25, 2013

Never used content locking on our site before, but sometimes we give away e-books and things of that nature so thanks for the ideas.

Chitraparna Sinha - February 27, 2013

Keep visiting Hadley :)

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