3 Simple and Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

use social media to promote your blogSocial media has opened a lot of possibilities for bloggers to reach out to readers and forge relationships that are going to result to a loyal following and even lead to more profits.

Today, it’s important to know how to use social media to promote your blog. With the amount of competition out there, you’re not going to matter if you’re not active in social media. Without an online presence, which social media can do really well, no one’s going to know about your blog.

The interesting thing is although all of us have used at least one social network, not everyone knows how to use social media the right way.

And that’s what can make your blog fail.

You may feel you have the best posts but it’s not enough to make it viral. There may be a few people who’ll stumble upon your blog and like what they read, but that’s not going to drive tons of traffic.

You need something that will allow you to connect to millions of readers quickly and effortlessly. That’s social media.

Here are 3 simple and easy ways on how to use social media to promote your blog:

Make sure that your blog displays social media icons prominently

Make it easier for readers to like, share, and tweet your posts. Put the social media icons in a place where people are going to see them quickly. You can put them at the top of the page, right below the post, and on the side bar.

Why do you need to do this? Social media is the second biggest source of traffic. It’s also going to help you grow a loyal fan base.

Here are some great plugins that you can use:

  • Sociable
  • Sharebar
  • Shareaholic
  • Social Toolbar
  • Slick Social Share Buttons
  • Getsocial
  • Insitebar
  • Social Pop

Create a Facebook fan page

Generating exposure is one of the best benefits of having a Facebook presence. Today, companies invest resources to ensure they’re visible in Facebook so they can reach out to their target audience.

Blogs can tap into Facebook’s immense power by creating a fan page. A fan page will establish a stronger brand, increase traffic, and provide an effective avenue for communication with readers.

Facebook fan pages can improve your blog’s performance simply because there are millions of users who log in each day. Plus, the fact that there are already more than a million fan pages just shows how effective this can be.

However, simply creating a fan page is not enough. Make sure that you optimize it well. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

  • Create relevant and engaging content
  • Make sure to post regularly
  • Engage your audience by posting questions, responding to comments promptly, running contests or polls, and giving away free stuff

Interlink your most active social media profiles

interlink social media accountsThis is a smart way to promote your blog because every time you post something new, it automatically gets published in your Facebook page, Twitter, and even LinkedIn accounts.

You can easily interlink your accounts in these websites.

But you have to be cautious because not everything you post, like in Twitter, would be something your LinkedIn contacts would find relevant. And you surely don’t want to turn off some potential clients or employers because they saw something that they didn’t like in your profile.

What you can do is use the hashtag #in for tweets that you’d like to get published on your LinkedIn account.

These simple and easy ways should better help you use social media to promote your blog.

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