Top 5 Pinboard Free WordPress Themes for 2013

If you consider about the WordPress themes this year there are plenty of beautifully designed option which can make you excited. Some of the themes which you can select this year are just wonderful to watch. Therefore, if you are in a search for some beautiful new WordPress Themes, you can choose some of the options which are stated below.

To download and install any of the themes below, simply search for them within wordpress in the themes area.

Elegant White:

elegant whiteThis theme really suits its name to a great extent. If you talk about the look of this theme it is extremely elegant and the colors used in this theme are predominately white. The design is simple and there is a lot of white space in the theme. This is one of those themes in which it is extremely easy to just plug and play. Formatting has been given very much importance. You cannot find any unnecessary margins on the images. There is no text which is poorly spaced. This theme is extremely responsive.


designfolioIf you want to have a theme which is will be very much responsive and at the same time it will be little busier than Elegant White, then your perfect option will be Designfolio. This design which has full width can be chosen for plenty numbers of websites. There is a big size slider which dominates the space available in the theme above the fold. Pages as well as posts look just wonderful in this theme. It is quite clear about this theme that it has been developed with extreme attention.

Clean Retina:

clean retinaClean Retina can be another very good option if you are searching for a responsive theme. Well, this theme does not have a big slider like Designfolio. However, it can provide you a wonderful experience for sure. You can have nine homepage designs in it. If you are fond of a collected and calm design for your website, this theme will be one of the most appropriate options for you. The design is extremely soothing for the eyes. The attractive design of this theme can surely clean your retina.


spunSpun is undoubtedly one of the best themes which have been developed in this New Year. Well, you may not be sure how you can manage practical applications with it, but this is one of the most effective themes because of the content which is given very much importance. The theme is developed by Caroline Moore. In this theme every image will represent a post. When they are clicked, those will be revealed quite beautifully in front of your eyes. There is no doubt about the fact that this theme will be appreciated by you.

Deux Milles Douze:

Deux Milles DouzeIf you are searching for a good looking theme, Deux Milles Douze can be one of the best options for you. This is undoubtedly one of the best examples of what you can do with a child theme development. The combination of red and white color looks just brilliant. Color packed theme does not create so much effect as this theme can create.

You can download all these WordPress themes of absolutely free of cost. Therefore, if you are thinking of changing your WordPress theme this year, just go for these options.

This guest post was written by Diana. She loves writing, traveling and playing games. She uses some wordpress CMS plugins like Content cloud.

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