How to find the Best audience to TARGET? Make an eBook that Sells – Part 2

Now, after we have shown the basics of making an eBook, go and make one now.

But wait: there is one more step that you should do before you start making an eBook. This step is researching your audience market.

Why do so?

The only reason to do so is that your work doesn’t go in vain.

Let’s say you made an eBook, and in it you show the solution of a problem. What will you gain if not many people face this problem you are addressing, or the people who face it can find the solution easily?

Then, no one will download your eBook, and you will have done all that work for nothing. You have to research your market to know who they are and what they want.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to have the right information to write on.

Researching Your Topic

1. Define your audience:

You should define your audience and this can happen by asking the following question:

  • Who is my target audience? (Their gender, their age, their location, etc.) Be as specific as you can.
  • What do they like?
  • What will they learn?
  • What am I offering them for their time?
  • How can I make this eBook build a relationship with my readers? Can they fall in love with it? Does it have a good story? Am I motivating or inspiring them with ideas and examples? What is the main purpose?

And the best tool that will help you know your audience is Google Analytics. Use it to know available demographic details, such as gender and location. This will help you a lot.

2. Be a part of your community:

If you already have readers on your blog, you can gather a lot of information from them.

If you don’t have readers yet, go to the blogs that have that same audience that you want to connect with. Join the community and take part in their discussions. Try to be helpful.

3. Discover their problems:

After you become a part of your community, try to find the problem they have most. After you find that problem, go and write about it.

Find the problems they have and try to give them the best solution ever for that problem. Or, you can write about a desire that they want.

Now after you have learned about your audience (who they are, their age, and other things mentioned above), start to write your eBook. Keep in mind the information that you have gathered before.

Like I said before, this step will really help you a lot to provide a great eBook that everyone wants to read.

You can also use these tips to create a new blog. Zac had also done this with his new blog.

Last words:

With this research, you are on track to create the best ebook out there. It may take you some time to do this research and spend some time with your audience. Spend that time.

Wait for our next posts to learn how to write an eBook the correct way, how to develop it, and how to publish it for your audience. Tell me now what do you think about this series? Is it going to help you?


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