How to Write Top Blog Posts

Want to write engaging posts that not only keep your current readers coming back for more but also attract new readers to your blog?

Most bloggers start off wanting to fast track their blogging success and be a sensation overnight. Many don’t realize that blogging takes a heap of energy, time and effort not to mention research, writing, networking, marketing, design and photography (in some instances).

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One good way to write a top blog post (one that draws in plenty of traffic) is to constantly research your audience to determine what they want.  You can do this by using keyword searches, by asking your readers for feedback via comments or a questionnaire and by checking your blog stats to see which posts get the most interest.

Here are some things I have found to help me write posts that garner heaps of interest in my blog.

1. Get personal

I have found that the posts I write that are more personal tend to get a lot of interest and more comments. I love to read about other people’s lives and adventures so opening up to your readers about your life can be a great way to engage with them. There is of course a fine line between personal and too personal so make sure you know where that line is!

2. Research

As I write a fashion blog, being up to date with the latest trends and anything fashion is imperative to me. A lot of my readers also enjoy craft, sewing and vintage so I always make sure I include a few of these sorts of posts per week. Remember that readers will not connect with every post you write so give them something at least once a week they will enjoy.  Using Google’s Keyword Tool or Google Analytics should give you a better idea of what your readers want.

3. Use your keywords 

Keywords are important for directing traffic to your blog. Make sure you are including them seamlessly in your post titles and throughout your post. Linking to other relevant posts within your blog using anchor text is also necessary to increase page views and time spent on your blog.

4.  Create a weekly regular post or segment

Creating a weekly regular post is great for regular readers especially if you give it a catchy name and commit to posting it each week. It could be a segment of posts that last a few weeks or something you do every week. Get creative and use alliteration for more fun. As an example I run Make it Mondays at my blog which is targeted at my crafty readers. Whatever you do have some fun!

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