How to Use Blog Traffic?

So you have a good blog, responsive design and getting steady traffic, the question is –

“What are you going to do with all that traffic?”

Sounds stupid? Not at all.

Much of the information found on the blogosphere is centered around how to get traffic and not its other facet, how to use blog traffic.

5 Ways to Use Blog Traffic

Here are my recommendations on using blog traffic.

If you are into long term blogging strategy, building an email list will be high on your agenda because you would want to use the email list for blog monetization. Personally, I recommend using a subscription form below the post or the sidebar but never as pop-ups.

Use Blog Traffic

You can direct the incoming traffic towards a landing page or change your homepage to a landing page. Either way, if you have heavy traffic knowing what the readers expect from your blog and can weave a product around the same, you will see a lot of conversions, engagement and $$$.

You can also use blog traffic to collect leads for product pre-launch. For instance, if you are planning to sell a product for $3.99, you can create a special page where those who will sign up will get the same product at a reduced price of $2.99. If you want to use this list of collected leads for future product launches, make sure it’s mentioned in your blog’s privacy policy and disclaimer.

If you are into affiliate marketing and have some awesome coupons to share with blog readers, it will give positive results. Create separate page to redeem coupons or disclose the coupon on the sidebar linked with your affiliate link. Those who will click on that sidebar and purchase will make you money. Of course, ensure that the product is relevant.

If nothing else, you would definitely want advertisers to use your blog for sponsored posts, banner advertisement, paid reviews and others. You can use blog traffic data to convince advertisers for placing ads on your blog. Advertisers always look into blogs stats like traffic, geo-stats, Alexa rank, Page Rank, outbound links and blog quality before advertising.

Lastly, you can insert AdSense ads and when any visitor click on it, you earn money. Its one of the oldest ways to use blog traffic and make money online.

How do you use your blog traffic? Do share.

About the Author

Chitraparna Sinha is the founder of Esmee Network, a company that offers digital marketing solutions to business owners through creatively engaging content development and marketing services across multiple verticals to improve branding and business revenue. She is writing on BloggingTips since early 2012.

Justin Germino - February 22, 2013

I prefer passive earning methods for my main site since it isn’t niche targeted it is harder to make affiliate sales for niches. I do some affiliate sales however. I am surprised you don’t list offer sponsored reviews as a method this earning method makes me thousands per year from several legitimate companies and requires nothing more than featuring/showcasing a site/service, testing and reviewing a product or service or a combination of the two.

    Chitraparna Sinha - February 23, 2013

    Hey Justin, glad to see you here.

    I did mention sponsored reviews :P See the fifth point :)

khadeer - February 23, 2013

Hi, This really is an excellent article. I am quite delighted that i found this information. Very useful to me. Thanks.

Sanyam Jain - February 26, 2013

I am earning a decent amount of money from Adsense but looking forward to increase it with direct advertising option

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