“The Blogger should be Hanged” – Is Our Freedom of Speech Slowly Vanishing?

I am writing about this today, not because BloggingTips is related to the education system but when an eminent personality goes on to say “the blogger should be hanged” live, it is a cause of concern.

If I am not wrong, you are also a blogger and even though this is an isolated incident, it questions our freedom of speech.

What Incident I am talking About?

A couple of days back, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India ordered Internet Service Licensees that 73 URL’s be blocked as it critiqued the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) and its founder Mr. Arindam Choudhari.

To top all this, in a panel discussion with CNN-IBN show ‘Face the Nation’, Arindam targeted the two bloggers on panel, Shivam Vij and Maheshwari Peri, making the controversial statement that “the blogger should be hanged”.

I won’t go into the details of his IIPM and the fiasco unfolding, but I want to focus on our endangered right to speech.

Coincidence or not, I had written about how using social media to decry brands will cost you highly.

Ramifications for a Blogger

Personally, I feel that only targeting bloggers is very unfair. It is true that in the last 5 years, blogging industry has started to wield considerable power over online media. As a result, there are more people than ever to write, comment and discussion surrounding issues. To remain completely unbiased, I agree that some bloggers can get really up, close and personal where it is not warranted, the ire of Arindam and others who feel this way about other bloggers is completely unfair.

I am concerned about our future. Anonymous India has already brought down IIPM website. But, is this the solution?

The future of blogging is uncertain. If we are going to be threatened like this for voicing our opinion or criticizing unjust practices, where is the right to demand fair practice? Is business everything? Is it acceptable to sue everyone just because everyone is against your business model?

What can be done?

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Purbita Ditecha - February 18, 2013

Mr Aridam Choudhari has forget the power of bloggers as recently carried out survey says that 90% search data comes from bloggers and it is increasing day by day . Another interesting thing has come out from the survey that maximum fellow bloggers come forward to support their counter part from any where around the globe. So Choudhari and his wife must face strict vigilance on their business which is running with out any base and stop sweating on bloggers.

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