Content Tips That Make A Difference

By Rob Starr | Making Money

Feb 17

Try as they might, the innovators who work in online marketing can’t get around the simple fact that Content Is King. Well written text won’t be replaced anytime soon by videos or social media posts. Having professional text placed on your site is still the solid foundation that won’t let you down when you build on it. That said, here’s a few content tips that will make a difference.

Get personal

Letting it all hang out (to use a phrase from bygone days) is what builds trust with new clients and older loyal customers on the web. Stories are good, even though conventional wisdom would frown on personal narratives that lend a face and personality to your brand. Trust is built on emotional reactions and letting people in will get them to see you as more than just another online business trying to separate them from their money.

Teach People Something

Good content in general and worthwhile blogs are about more than writing about interesting things—you need to teach people something, to give them something of value they take away so they’ll want to come back for more. Use that as one of your yardsticks and you’ll build a clientele that multiplies through readership. Being interesting is okay, but when anyone feels they’re getting value added information for free, they’ll start to see you as an expert in the field and worthy of their business.

Don’t Be Too Advertorial

Remember that many readers will be reading the content that you’re writing from the comfort of their own homes. Don’t make the mistake of intruding into that personal space with a direct pitch or Call To Action in your text. The reader’s interests need to come first here and you’ll cover the marketing end of things by proxy.

Think About Direction

There’s an amazing number of ways to get your message out there with the written word these days. Don’t make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse and choosing the method before you understand what you need to accomplish. Being aware of your target market is a great way to keep things focused and make the right choices between Facebook, Twitter, blogs and whatever else is available. Think about the direction and the results you want before you choose the channel you’re going to filter it through.



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GK Adams February 17, 2013

Great tips. I write a humor blog and I have found that if I keep my posts personal (i.e. making fun of myself and not others), people relate to me as a real person, which help build the trust.

Irwin Lagman February 17, 2013

I totally agree with item #2. Writers need to teach people something since they are on the web for a reason. When we give them the info they want, they’re sure to come back for more.

I also suggest to “write in an entertaining manner.” I think that helps engage readers more.

Thanks for the tips.

Rohan February 18, 2013

last point makes me awaken 1 year before when i started blogging i did this mistake that u mentioned .i actually knew various thing but less expressive ability could not give me that results what i wanted and i went into unknown direction but today thigs are changed.

anil Bhogia February 18, 2013

i completely agree with you because writers make the different think.if think same then he is not writer .different think make the different to other.

mohd akbar February 18, 2013

Yes bro, i agree with you, If we write useful post for the people then they get interest to read post…!

Tan Nguyen February 18, 2013

I also agree with you. Very helpful post

Rinkesh February 19, 2013

Letting people know something different is what all is required. With so many technology related blogs out there, each of them is trying to say the same thing just in a twisted way. You need to stand out from the crowd by being more innovative and creative.

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