How to Build Influential Contacts Through Guest Blogging

Because of your compelling blog post on the site where you requested to be a guest post, you  manage to gather some audience . Guest BloggingSince you are only a guest blogger, it will be difficult for you to continually interact these contacts. Unless, if the blogger will request for it. But what if the blogger did not ask you to do another guest post? How can you build influential contacts?

Aside from maintaining your efficient writing skills and friendly attitude towards the site owners, there are still some ways where you can frequently connect with these contacts and remain visible to them. So long as you manage to be online most of the time,  relating to your audience will come in handy. These simple steps are so easy that you can build your own influential contact in no time.

Be proactive

Your task as a guest blogger is not yet over even after the publication of your post.  To leave the blog site immediately is not advisable since you aim to build a connection with your influential contacts. You need to stay on the site so that you can see if there are comments coming from the audience. If no comment was posted after  a week, you can make a comment yourself. Of course, not about the blog post, but more like a way of thanking the site owner for the privilege given to  you.

Or if there are some comments, you can instantly address it. Your goal is  to reveal yourself to the readers. You can do this by being responsive to their queries, giving a reply their remarks or by merely saying thank you for the positive comments. Through these gestures, you are able to disclose to your audience the sociable and friendly side of you.

Some readers love a blogger who is pleasant and participate with their readers.Because of these attitudes, the audience finds it interesting to follow through  your blog post.


Add as a friend

Make an effort in looking for the active media sites of the site owner. As much as possible, follow him in all social network sites, blog sites. So that apart from the blog sites, you will have many common sites that you can again bump into each other. Take full advantage of twitter or Facebook. Add as a friend the site owner so that you will know his whereabouts, what keeps him busy and his daily happenings. You can tweet him if you want to, or share some of your articles to him so that you will  surely be not forgotten. Aside from that, he will gain a perspective on how visible you are online, how easy it is to contact you in case he needs a guest blogger again.


Share the posts

Sharing your blog post is important  for it to be a success.  Let your audience know of your current blog. Share with them the blog post that kept you busy and occupied these past few days. Do not hesitate to share the posts so that they can easily follow you through. You can make use of these social networking and new letters  in order to share your blog posts.  These are effective methods  to expose your writing abilities.

A simple like or a status link will automatically feature your blog post on your friend or audience Facebook. Do not forget to inform the site owner by tagging him or tweeting so that he will have an idea of the effort that you have exerted in promoting your guest post. Once the site owner knew what you have been doing, it is possible that he will again invite you to write for his blog site.

In sharing the post, it is both a  win-win situation on the part of the site owner and the guest blogger. Both  of their websites are exposed and promoted. Each party achieved the goal  envisioned upon accepting  a guest blogger or being one


Make use of the links

You can use  your WordPress blog for you to share links to your post from your own site. Or better yet, use  the  YouTube. What is important is that you are able to share the link gearing from your own site. In that way potential visitors will soon be visiting your own blog in response to the shared link. Considering how important an audience to a particular blog site is , the ways provided will surely aid and assist  you in building influential contacts. Whether or not you will become a regular contributor on the blog site. As long as there is a way to communicate or share a link, you are still capable in keeping your  contacts.


Become a consistent contributor  

For sure, the other blogger will not mind collecting free content article for his site.  Being a consistent contributor will surely help in building a relationship with your contacts. The audience will have a chance to get to be acquainted with you. In the process, they will know you, become familiar of your writings and can attest  to your credibility as a writer. Posting once or twice  a month, will enable your audience to recognize your writings and if they like it, can easily follow through.  There is a constant venue for you and your contacts to converse. Hence, this is the best way in keeping your influential contacts though this is the hardest since you need the permission of the other blogger.


Guest posting is truly  the most useful tool right now in internet blogging. If you have not experienced it, make an effort to do so. It  is a very easy method  of increasing your visibility online. Since you need the exposure so badly in order to increase traffic to your website, then guest blogging is for you. With  no money splurge, your website’s traffic will massively increase by just posting a blog in  one of your favorite top blogger’s sites.


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