Do You Agree With Me That Relationship Marketing Is The Best Way To Make Money With a List?

If you’re a blogger or internet marketer, I believe you’ve already heard the saying that the money is in the list.

But let me clarify this: the fact that you have over 15,000 people on your list doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money if you offer them a product. You must understand that list building is not really in the number or the quality of the product you’re recommending but, in the relationship you have with your subscribers.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best product in the world, if you don’t have a solid relationship with your subscribers, your won’t make any profit.

You must understand that list building is not really  about building a list of prospects and making money off them but, it’s about giving people’s lives a meaning. It’s about providing solution to people’s challenges and giving hope to the hopeless.

Take for instance, the richest people in the world today (Bill Gates and Google’s Larry Page); these guys are ordinary people like you and me. They saw the need of humanity and provided a solution.

They didn’t invent what they have now because they wanted to make some quick cash but because, they had a goal and passion to make life easy for humanity.

Imitate people like this. Study how they run their businesses and implement every of their tactics. Don’t build a list because you want to make some quick cash but because, you want to make life easy for others.

Now back to the main subject of this post, I’ll be giving you some tips that will help you develop a relationship with your email subscribers and also grow your income.

Give a good offering

Don’t try to play smart by offering a low quality PLR product. If you really want your subscribers to trust and buy anything you offer them, give them a compelling incentive after they subscribe to your list. Let the offer be relevant to the topic of your site.

People are more likely to join your email list if they see something valuable and relevant.

For example, if the topic of your blog is about starting guest blogging services; don’t write a short report about web content writing instead, create a short report on how businesses can generate leads and grow their sales by hiring a guest blogging service.

Make it informative and ensure it solves the reader’s problem

Hint:  Spend time to create something of exceptional value.

A ‘’Thank You’’ won’t take anything from you

How would you feel if you present your girlfriend a gift and she doesn’t show appreciation in return?

That’s the same way it is if your subscribers purchase from you and they don’t receive a ‘’thank you’’

This is very important. It means a lot and it determines if or not you’ll have profitable online business.

Set your auto-responder to send your subscribers a thank you message after they purchase or subscribe to your email list. Thank them for joining your email list and introduce yourself in your email newsletters. This will build credibility and it’ll help build trust right from the start.

Don’t sell too often instead, concentrate on offering more value

Don’t always tell your subscribers to ‘’buy this and buy that’’ in every email; focus on offering value.

Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoe and ask yourself if you would be happy to receive or read the email message you intend to send.

Hint: Be diligent. Success is not about today; it’s about tomorrow. Make use of today because of tomorrow. Deliver and serve your subscribers today so that you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor tomorrow…

Be friendly in your emails

Write your email newsletter as if you were talking to your Mum. Write as if you were trying to talk them over a Beer for example. Just be simple in your email. Write your email in such a way that it’ll greatly influence the reader.

Sell something you’re 100% sure of!

Sell something you’re 100% happy to recommend. When you do try to sell, do it politely. Don’t say ‘’ buy or click here to get my product’’. Your subscribers are humans and may get offended if you try to force them to buy your product.

Hint: You’ve worked so hard to build your list; don’t destroy it by selling all the time.

Don’t send promotional emails all the time. At least, 2 times a week is okay. It’s professional that way.

Your turn

The decision is yours to make. Don’t build a list with the sole aim to make money; build a list because you want to add something to someone else’s life. Do that and you’ll have a successful and profitable online business.

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