Is This the Future of Infographics?

Everyone loves a good infographic, but sometimes they can be downright boring… other times they can just simply nail it!

What makes a great infographic is a collection of different factors, such as information being used, a great design and an engaging way for visiting to quickly read through the content while also being interested and reading the key points.

InfoGraphicDesignTeam released an amazing new version of an infographic today, which is more like a virtual story book than anything else.

You can check it out by clicking on the image below.

Valentines Day Infographic

To say this is just another infographic is a complete understand… maybe we should call it “the future of infographics”!

Here’s what makes this one stand out from the traditional ones we all know and love.

  • Interactive story board
  • Clickable facts/key points
  • Excellent graphics and content
  • Scrollable by section (right side)
  • Call to action at end of infographic

Besides the animated process, the call to action at the end of the page is what can really make infographics that much more powerful.

Lots of companies and people have infographics created that get sent around, but how many of them actually result in more traffic and a return on investment.

Check out the infographic and scroll to the bottom of the page and check out the lead gen form at the bottom.

Just imagine how many people are filling that out once they check out the infographic and will want to have one created of their own.

So, my question for you is… is this the future of infographics and have you seen anything like this before?

… and Happy Valentine’s Day from BloggingTips’ very own Foxy!

Happy Valentines Day from Foxy!

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Bryan - February 14, 2013

This is pretty cool, Zac. THe only other thing I can think of like this is Prezi. It’s a web-based presentation app that lets the viewer navigate in three dimensions, allowing one to visualize how different topics relate to one another. It’s a cross between PowerPoint and a mind map.

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