How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

As a blogger this is something I will admit I have always struggled with. Approximately 1% of your blog’s traffic will actually leave a comment. I have even noticed on highly popular blogs within my niche that even they are lucky to get 30 comments. Considering some of these blogs drawn in 250,000 page views per month it is clear that getting people to comment is a tough gig.

When I first started out blogging I found I used to get a lot more comments. Unsure why exactly but I think it may be that I was more involved with the community back then. I wanted to find other blogs, get to know people in my nice and market my blog anywhere and everywhere. I used to leave follow up comments on everyone’s blogs and in turn built up some great relationships. Video Views Comments

However blogging is hard work. With all the other commitments you have in life sometimes keeping up with your blog’s comments is just too much work. Leaving comments on other blogs, following people back and all that typical blogging stuff that happens when you first start out can easily be forgotten.

Here are some of my quick tips to gain more comments on your blog.

1) Remove the CAPTCHA

Nothing annoys me more when commenting on someone’s blog then having to complete a CAPTCHA. These are usually jumbled letters that you need to type in, in order to have your comment published. People employ these on their blogs to eliminate unnecessary spam.  If spam on your blog is a problem just remove the CAPTCHA and set up your comments so you can moderate everything before it is published.

2) Comments at the bottom of the post

This of course is up to you but I prefer comments at the bottom of the post. If I read through an entire post I don’t want to have to scroll all the way back up to the top just to leave a comment.

3) Reply to your readers

Even if you find you have no time to individually visit your readers blogs it is always nice to leave a reply to them in the comment box. This also shows others that you are actually reading your comments and appreciating the people who leave them.

4) Commenting Gadgets/Apps 

I have used Disqus before and it was great at first. Then I experienced too many down-time issues with it so I removed it from my blog. I don’t mind commenting apps too much but it can get annoying when you have to enter all of your details just to leave a comment.

Overall my advice is to make it as easy as possible for people to leave comments. If they have to jump through hoops to leave a comment they will move on and may not return again.

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