Chime for Chrome Brings All of Your Social Notifications Together

How many social sites do you check regularly each day? If you’re constantly checking Twitter for mentions, Facebook and Google+ for new comments on your posts, Gmail for new emails, etc, then Chime is a Chrome extension that is sure to come in handy for you.

When I first saw this extension it immediately caught my eye because I could see that it would be a huge time-saver. As a matter of fact, it almost sounded too good to be true! In a nutshell, Chime keeps you informed about all of your Web notifications from Gmail, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, Flickr, Stack Overflow, Foursquare, and Google+.

Here’s how it works.

Getting Started

First you’ll need to add the Chime extension to Chrome (or any other Chromium based Web browser). Chime works right out of the box; as soon as it’s installed, you’ll begin to see notifications at the top right corner of your screen.

Chime notifications appear in the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll also notice the Chime icon in the Chrome toolbar. You can click here to easily access all of your notifications.

You can access all of your notifications from the Chime browser icon.

Setting Up Chime

As soon as you install the extension, Chime’s setup page will also open in a new tab. If you’re already logged into some of the supported services in your browser, Chime will recognized that and automatically enable notifications for those services. You’re free to disable notifications for any of those services if you’d like.

Choose the services that you want to receive notifications for.

You can also enable notifications for other services that you may not be signed into. More than likely, you’re probably already signed into all of the services that you want to use. You’ll see that for each service, you can see the type of notifications you’ll receive for it (i.e. emails, invitations, messages, etc).

At any time, you can right-click on Chime’s icon in your browser toolbar and then choose “Options” to access this Setup page, or you can click on the gear icon in the notifications menu.

Viewing Your Notifications

As stated above, Chime’s notifications appear at the top right corner of your screen by default. However, you can totally disable desktop notifications from the Options page if you’d like. You’ll see it at the bottom of the settings page.

You can disable Chime's desktop notifications.

When you get a notification, you’ll notice a little check-mark on the right side of it. You can click on this to mark the notification as read. You’ll also see this same check-mark in the notifications menu (via the browser icon), so that you can mark notifications as read from there as well.

You can clear all of your notifications at once or on a site by site basis.

You can also mark all notifications as read, by clicking on the “Clear All” button at the bottom of the notifications menu. Clicking on the little arrow next to that button will bring up more options; you’ll be able to can clear all notifications for one specific site (i.e. clear all Gmail notifications or clear all Facebook notifications).

Finally, there’s the “Do Not Disturb Mode,” which you can enable by clicking on the button next to “Clear All.” It’s the button with the dark circle and minus sign in the middle. This is cool because you can disable all notifications for as long as you’d like. Maybe you’re playing a game or working on a blog post and don’t want any distractions, this button is perfect for that.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of Chrome extensions that I’ll try out and then keep for a few weeks or months, but then end up removing them because I don’t use them anymore. Chime is not one of those extensions; this is a tool that will always come in handy. It’s a huge convenience to have all of my notifications together in a single location, and it’s sure to boost anyone’s productivity.

Best of all, clicking on any notification takes me directly to the source (an email in Gmail, a post on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, etc). I love that. I really can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t find Chime useful.

What are your thoughts on Chime? Are you using it?

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