Science Behind Converting a First Time Visitor into a Loyal Reader – Part 2

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Writing Style

No writing style, No loyal readers. If readers don’t like your writing style than how can they enjoy visiting your Blog? There are many things that need to work to make your Blog perfect for your readers. In the previous Part we were talking about the Theme customization and now I’m going to let you through some Tips To improve your writing Style. Let’s see the first Tip.

Write Attractive Titles and Headings

Magazine’s are well-known for developing eye-catching titles. Many of their clients were not even in the marketplace to buy a magazine, but the title was so attractive that it was difficult walking away from it. Make sure your title involves your guests in a psychological way.
Titles create interest among visitors and robots who identify headlines as important text. So make your point in and add search phrases in your headlines.

Focus On Quality

The Science of BloggingQuit doing too much Search Engine Optimization. Now even Search engines will penalize you if you add too much SEO to your Posts. Just rest and concentrate on offering excellent content. Keep in mind that we want actual people to come to us, even through google. So, write excellent material articles which can turn your guest into a devoted audience.

Use Eye Catching Images

If you’re using a picture, make it worth seeing – a picture that immediately provides your website’s niche. When labeling your pictures, include keywords in the title, but do not over do it. Remember, google image search is a highly effective source of traffic to your blog and by using quality pictures.
Charts and graphs is also a great way to provide information to the reader’s eye. Use attractive and colorful images to make your readers feel good.

Add more calls to action

Give them something different to do. You can place a related post link or ask them to share their ideas about the article. In addition, You can ask them to sigh up for your Blog.It makes no difference just provide them with a way to communicate and make sure it’s a beneficial proactive approach.

Create powerful content

Create powerful content that is exclusive and add value. Write something different that readers really like and to do that you have to provide them quality content that they have not observed over and over.It can be difficult to obtain guests when you are offering the same material that they have seen a thousand times.Either modify your content or discover a new viewer.

This guest post was written by Salman, who is a 16 year old young blogger from a small city of Pakistan. I started blogging 4 months ago and thanks to God who blessed me with the great art of blogging. I basically cover major tech related topics such as mobile gaming and blogging tips. I’m currently writing for my own blog at Listverge.

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