Get More Social Shares with Zang WordPress Plugin

How many times have you offered a free report, book or even a coupon code through your web site or blog? If you ever have, then you surely know how well of a promotion they are.

Facebook Like for CouponMany time’s I’ve seen web sites offering something of value or an instant coupon in exchange for a Facebook “like” or mention. I always thought this was a very cool concept and knew if it was setup with the right offer it could send thousands upon thousands of social visitors to your site.

I recently came across a new wordpress app called Zang, which is an all-in-one solution for creating campaigns just like how I explained above.

The concept is simple… create a coupon or reward on your site, and your users get it after a social share.

  1. OFFER – Offer a discount promo for sharing
  2. SHARE – Your customers share your offer on Facebook
  3. REWARD – Reward your fans with a promo code for sharing

This can work great for blogs, but even better for ecommerce types of sites. (who wouldn’t want to save money on their purchase!)

You can see a demo version of the plugin in action here.

Zang in Action

Watch the short video below to see example how the process works.

As you can see, you can pay full price for an item on a site… or share it through Facebook and receive an instant coupon.

Setting up something like this for a case study, free report or book could work extremely well too.

Even when products are only priced in the few dollar range, it’s still hard to get people to actually pull out their credit card or use their paypal account.

Having someone simply “like” or mention your site on Facebook in exchange for a coupon code or product of value is really nothing… yet so valuable at the same time!

How Much Does the Zang WordPress Plugin Cost?

While there are plenty of free wordpress plugins out there, the best ones are usually premium and come at a cost.

Zang is available on different pricing plans based on how many sites and shares you want to track.

The reason why Zang is priced differently is that Zang isn’t just a one and done plugin for your site… it’s a full service application and tracking solution as well.

You can take a look at the breakdown below to see the different pricing plans and options available.

Zang Sharing WordPress Plugin

I’m going to be playing around with this plugin for the next few weeks and see if I can get some case study numbers from it’s use.

I don’t have any ecommerce sites running at the moment, which I know this plugin would kill with… but I will try and create some free reports to see how it works on the social sharing.

Be sure to check it out and see if you can come up with any creative ideas for exploding the social sharing use on your site.

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