How To Use All In One Webmaster Plugin On A WordPress Blog

By Violette DeSantis | Blogging

Feb 12

For new bloggers, setting up a blog is sometimes a daunting task. Many like the ease of use of publish on demand tools like WordPress but when faced with the need to make an important change or addition to anything not within the confines of the existing dashboard they wonder if they need a programmer or web developer. The most common need after setting up a blog and choosing a theme is adding meta tags to a blog to gather important data. As a webmaster, you want to learn more about who visits your blog and if your blog is working all the time. Working with webmaster tools from the major search engines is a great way to learn all you can to help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) along the way. The WordPress plugin All in One Webmaster allows you to integrate the required code without editing files in the backend.

The All in One Webmaster plugin found at WordPress allows you to add webmaster codes from Google, Bing, Alexa, BlogCatalog and Facebook Insights to collect visitor data, to submit a sitemap to Google and Bing automatically, and to add a manual HTML header and/or footer section to a blog. A new option for Placed Analytics is available for users who want more detailed data on traffic demographics.

Install All in One Webmaster Plugin

In the Plugin profile area of your Dashboard in the left sidebar, select Add New. Then select Term in the search area and type in “All in One Webmaster” in the text area. Click the Search Plugins button. Select the Details link to the left. Before installing any plugin check out the FYI feature area to the right to make sure your version of WordPress is compatible. If all is agreeable, click the Install Now button.


Setting Up All in One Webmaster Plugin

After installation of the plugin, scroll to the Settings panel near the bottom of the left sidebar. Plugins added to the Settings panel appear at the bottom of the standard WordPress settings links. Click on the All in One Webmaster link. A number of options are available with a name of the code allowed per text box and an example of what the code should look like from the site you obtained it from. A question mark to the right of each text box will give additional information on where to obtain the code from. Add the code and click the Update options button.


At the very least, it is a good idea for beginners to sign up for Google’s WebMaster Central and Google Analytics. Plug in codes in the Webmaster Options and Analytics Options area respectively.


Inserting HTML Code in Header or Footer Section

For bloggers giving advertising a try on their blog, this feature is great for adding code for a header or footer banner (image or text). If you use this area for advertising, try to match the color scheme of your theme when you create your ads in Google AdSense or another company’s ad builder. Visitors will be more receptive to elements that are seamlessly integrated into your blog. Some themes might not work perfectly when the code is added so some tweaking may be necessary.

After setting up the All in One Webmaster plugin to meet your immediate needs learn what you can about search engine optimization and read up on the tools you are using that gather data on your blog.


About the Author

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Dita from February 12, 2013

Hi Violette,

Thank you for this post. I have been blogging for a bit, but I have not come across this plugin. Interestingly, recently I wanted to insert a banner into my header and I was having real difficulty doing it. Eventually I had to contact the theme developer and eventually he helped me with header-ad issue.

Sounds like the All in One Webmaster Plugin could have resolved it. This is a great tip.


    Violette DeSantis February 19, 2013

    Thanks Dita, I’m glad to hear your thoughts. I remember being annoyed with code with I started blogging and even though I’m less fearful of editing WordPress files I still like the convenience of plugging something in and removing it if needed.

David February 13, 2013

Very cool plug-in. I always forget about Bing :) Is this really necessary though? I’m not sure I’m getting fully the value of being able to collect all this data from different analytic sources. Is the idea to compare how Google, Clicky, Sitemeter are all reporting your website? Then what?

    Violette DeSantis February 19, 2013

    I’ll be honest, I’ve only mostly cared about Google for Analytics, however if you watch TV, you’ve seen the commercials. The word about Bing is getting out there. There might be some value in doing test comparisons of the type of traffic you get from each especially if software and smart devices come equipped with it. There is a market of default users out there.

    However in relation to the actual plugin, it is more a matter of giving someone the tools to plug in what they do use. It isn’t all or nothing.

ADESANMI February 13, 2013

This is very cool and helpful

Gajendra February 14, 2013

Hello ,Violette
cool knowledge thanks for shating

Aaron Schoenberger February 14, 2013

Excellent post! I’ve been learning All In One SEO for a client’s site, however I typically use HeadSpace2. Have you compared the two and which do you prefer?

    Violette DeSantis February 19, 2013

    Hi Aaron, I haven’t touched on All In One SEO in this article. All in One Webmaster is different than that plugin. If you search I’m sure we’ve a number of articles on what you are looking for and there may be a comparison of HeadSpace2. I’ve heard great things about both.

Jessica February 15, 2013

Thank you for this post, I am in blogging from very long time but didn’t aware of this plugin. I am looking forward to use it as soon as possible. Thanks

Abrar Mohi Shafee February 18, 2013

Great writing quality. Thank you very much for sharing an awesome tips of wordpress plugin. This post helps me a lot to manage all my webmaster programs.

Gagan Masoun February 19, 2013

Blogging tips is my best friend, it has solution for my every problem :)

Violette DeSantis February 19, 2013

Thank for all the comments. I love reading the articles on this site too. So much to learn!

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