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WordPress is indeed the best content management system (CMS) because it offers lots of merits to its users. There is hardly any blog post that is not created with wordpress. This does not mean that wordpress is the only content management system but it is the best. There are lots of edges which this content management system has over others. It has quality and unique features which accord your blog post wonderful interface. WordPress is easy to use and also free; also the content management system is loaded with lots of security fixes and has top notch functionalities. You can also customize wordpress to any form and thing that you desire to use it for; this is to say that it is customizable.

The need for wordpress in Smartphone

The advance in the mobile technology industry brings alongside with itself top notch advantages. Almost everyone in the world uses smartphones because of the advantages they offer. Desktop users can only access their blog on arrival to their house or office. Laptop gives you the benefit to access your blog post in comfortable places.

However, with smartphones, you can access your blog and view comments anywhere you are. Smartphones can be used in cars, airplanes, ships, on the road and so on. This makes you to keep in touch with your blog round the clock. Thus, the need for wordpress in smartphones is essential.

Iphone devices

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IPhones and IOS devices can be used to access wordpress and blog posts. iPhones with wordpress application installed gives you the ability to make comments on blog posts and also reply to comments. You find it easy to relate with your blog the same way you do with text messages. You also will be able to correct spellings, add photos and create links to your blog posts.

Android devices

Powerful applications developed for android devices allow you to update your blogs with quality articles written with the device or uploaded from elsewhere. You can also manage, edit and reply on the comments written by others in the blog post. With android devices, your blog can be monitored round the clock and also easy usability and accessibility are ensured.


Blackberry is another smartphone device that can be used to relate easily with blog posts. With blackberry, you can write posts, upload videos and photos and also edit pages. Blackberry devices give you the opportunity to manage your contents and work on the comments. Blackberry devices fully support wordpress and easily flow with it. Thus, you can work on your blog post from anywhere and at any time.

Rapid increase in mobile world

Not only blackberry, android and iPhones, lots of other smartphones also give you the opportunity to edit, manage and comment on blog posts. Such mobile devices as window mobiles, some nokia and Samsung devices and lots more also have this facility. In other words, you do not need to be in your house or comfort zone to access your blog, technology has made it all easy for us in this century.

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Lakhyajyoti - February 11, 2013

Great piece of writing. I have been using my android smartphone for last one year to update my WordPress blog. It really helps me to update my blog on the go.

Vivek Krishnan - February 11, 2013

I have been increasingly attempting to try WordPress on my smartphone. While they are quite effective for dashboard management or small tweaks on post. But it becomes a pain for me when I try to write a new post. And I do try to create a new post on my smartphone to save time while traveling. Great post Liza!

Shelly-Ann Roper - February 11, 2013

There’s really no stopping WordPress to take top spot for CMS again this year. It clearly understands the need for diversity. WordPress users are multi faceted so to have these options available is a mega advantage. Thanks Liza :)

Hadley - February 12, 2013

We have the majority of our WordPress sites now enabled for mobile viewing :-). You can’t ignore the mobile revolution.

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