How to Get Approved with Google Adsense

By Zac Johnson | Making Money

Feb 11

One of the most sought after ways to make money online is through the use of Google Adense.

Since Adsense is obviously run through Google, you have to be careful and make sure you are following all of their guidelines and make sure you have a quality web site before applying.

It’s also important to know who you are getting into bed with… which once again is Google!

Google makes all the rules…

Google Adsense Approval ProcessIf they don’t like your site for anyone reason, you don’t get approved.

If Google finds you are building links in an unethical way, delivering back clicks to their site or simply doesn’t like some of the content on your site… they have the full right to delete your active Google Adsense account at any time and THEY WILL keep all of the funds in the account as well.

As of lately, this is happening to more and more Adsense partners.

With all of that said, make sure your site is completely clean and compliant with Google.

Now let’s talk about getting your web site or blog approved with Google Adsense!

As much as you would like to start monetizing you blog and making money with it right away, it simply isn’t that easy.

No successful business was created over night and your web site applies to these same rules.

If you have a brand new site, DO NOT apply to Google Adsense.

Here’s a list of points you should make sure your site falls into before applying for Google Adsense.

Quality Content

Just like everything else, Google cares about your site content and the experience you are giving to your audience.

Make sure you have at least 20-30 posts on your site that provide real value and are not scraped content.

Aged Web Site

The older your web site or blog, the better the chances are that you will get approved for an Adsense account.

If you have a Page Rank, all the better.

Minimal Advertising

Your web site or blog should not be loaded up with a ton of ads and look like a billboard.

If you currently have a bunch of ads on your site, be sure to remove them before applying to Adsense.

Established Traffic

Traffic goes a long way in the eyes of Google, and they want as much as they can get.

Your site is more trouble than it’s worth if you are pulling in less than 100 visits per day.

The more traffic and impressions you can deliver for Google Adsense, the more money they and you both make.

Decent Site Design

You do not want to submit your site to Adsense for approval and have the default design of WordPress as your current site design.

Google likes clean looking sites with easy navigation and non-cluttered content.

All Good? Then go apply for Google Adsense!

If you fall into the accepted categories above then you should be good to go!

Before applying, it’s important to know that once you are accepted, you can add as many sites to your account.

This means you should use your best site when applying to Google… but also make sure that all of your sites are clean and up to their standards when adding more domains and sites to your account.

Good luck with your Google Adsense earnings and approval process!


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