Here’s a few steps to a social media marketing plan that works

There’s no doubt that it can all be a little confusing. Getting a social media marketing plan together means rethinking at least some of the more traditional values of advertising.  However, there are some requirements for one of these online campaigns that will be familiar from the old print days.

First off, you need to start with a strategy. Strangely enough, asking people in a larger company for too much input could create a bottleneck. Start at the other end first and decide the outcomes that you want and what time frame you’re going to give the technique you’ve chosen to lead off with to accomplish that goal.


You’ll need to be sure that you’ve done your homework beforehand and looked after all the details before you embark on any campaign. Ask yourself: Is the company properly branded? You don’t want to be working out any bugs in the brand here and find yourself changing the name and/or spelling of the firm after you’ve started to post on Twitter.

Research is vital as well. By now you should be familiar with the niche market that best suits your needs, but there’s more data that will be relevant in the social media world. For example, it’s not that hard to find out what kinds of questions people are asking online about your products or services simply by logging on and looking at some specific groups.


Social media is a great place to look at the techniques the competition is using as well. Remember that any and all of the research that you do here is free and can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

Consider what kind of analytics you’ll be using to measure the success of any campaign. There might not be an analytic available with the kind of social media that you’re using, but determining the fluctuations in hits on your website as your try different things can be a pretty good indicator of what works and what doesn’t. Some flexibility and educated guesswork when using Google Analytics can be helpful.


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