5 Apps with Buffer Integration You Should Be Using

By Charnita Fance | Social Media

Feb 09
5 Apps with Buffer Integration You Should Be Using

Do you use Buffer?  If you’re not using Buffer yet then you’re seriously missing out! Buffer is definitely one of the most valuable social media sharing tools you’ll ever find.

5 Apps with Buffer Integration You Should Be Using

Buffer just makes life easier and is definitely the smarter way to share content; it allows you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so that you don’t bombard your followers with tons of posts all at once. Buffer has become so popular that it’s now integrated with 30+ awesome apps for the Web, browsers, and even mobile devices.

Today I want to share 5 awesome Web apps with Buffer integration that you really should consider using – if you aren’t already.


Buffer just announced its partnership with Feedly, and I’m sure many have rejoiced. I have a love/hate relationship with Feedly. I’ll often use it for a couple of months, but always end up going back to Google Reader for some reason.

Feedly and Buffer Partnership

Screenshot adapted from Buffer’s blog post

At any rate, you can now Buffer items from feeds that you’re subscribed to right from Feedly. Since I’m such a huge Buffer fan, this is definitely enough to make me go back to using it for a while.


IFTTT has been covered a couple of times here on Blogging Tips already, so I won’t go into too much detail. I will say that you can use IFTTT to create awesome recipes that include Buffer, and will allow you to schedule tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts with ease.

IFTTT Recipes Involving Buffer

My personal favorite recipes involving Buffer are Twitter -> Buffer, Facebook Page -> Buffer, and RSS -> Buffer. You can find a ton of awesome recipes in IFTTT’s shared recipe archives.

Zapier is an online tool that is very similar to IFTTT, which lets you create “zaps” as opposed to recipes. You can use Buffer as a trigger or action here as well.


I have yet to try out Kippt for myself, but I’ve heard some great things about it. It’s a great place to collect your favorite links, interesting articles, and anything else you find while browsing the Web.

Buffer Integration with Kippt

Image Source: The Buffer Blog

Best of all, with Buffer’s integration you can share interesting things that you find on the Web and schedule them to be posted on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn..


Bottlenose is an advanced social media management and monitoring tool, much like HootSuite. It “provides live social intelligence for marketers byanalyzing activity across all the major social networks.” You can use it to search, monitor, analyze, target, and engage with your followers and fans in real-time.

Discovering and Share Content With Bottlenose and Buffer

Image Credit: The Buffer Blog

Why you’re searching and engagement, you can also share content that you find schedule it for posting to Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn thanks to Buffer.

Jugnoo is a similar tool that also integrates Buffer. It’s know as the “social CRM platform in the cloud.” I’ve been wanting to try Jugnoo out for a while; knowing that Buffer is included makes it even more appealing.


Commun.it is an awesome Twitter relationship manager that analyzes your social engagements, and helps you to focus on the relationships that matter most. I just started using Commun.it and it’s such a valuable tool; best of all, it’s free.

Communit Integrates with Buffer for Sharing

Not only can you retweet and reply to your top supporters and those who engage with you the most, but you can also Buffer your retweets and replies if you’d like.

Over to You

Do you use any apps that are integrated with Buffer? If so, what are they and which one is your favorite?


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Charnita is a full-time freelance writer and blogger with 3+ years of experience, and also the owner of SocialWebTools.info. She's also an early adopter who loves trying out new social media tools along with Web and iOS (iPad) apps. Feel free to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

sandi February 9, 2013

I like your article!
This is very useful for me because I’m newbie. So there is a lot of new information for me!
Thanks for your article!

George February 10, 2013

I didn’t know about buffer before but it does offer many cool services. For social media i use buzz bundle but buffer sure is very nice in automating stuff.

John (Affiliate Coach) February 10, 2013

hey Charnita,

I started using Buffer a month ago when I heard about it… didn’t think there were tools that can be used/integrated with it. I think most of them sounds awesome, we just need to figure out the best method to implementing them with our overall content marketing strategy.

Do you have a favorite from your top list? 🙂

Sarvesh February 10, 2013

Buffer really helps u with sharing your online posts with facebook,linkedin.. effectively.

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