Tips to Write Engaging Blog Posts

don't know how to write engaging blog postsJust because you can write something and have a platform to publish it makes you an effective blogger.

It’s going to take more than that.

You can’t consider yourself an effective blogger if your posts don’t affect change.

You don’t have to change the world. All you need to do is strike a chord in at least one person.

You need to inspire. You have to infuriate someone. You must entertain.

Once you’re able to do these, you can call yourself an effective blogger. These won’t happen unless you know how to write engaging posts.

How do you know when you have engaging blog posts?

write engaging blog posts to succeedIt’s simple. Readers must feel something after reading your work. It doesn’t matter what that is. They may be enlightened, inspired, confused, angered, or shocked. Anything but indifferent. Blog posts have to cause emotions. Problem is, despite having thousands of “bloggers” not a lot of them know how to blog the right way.

You’re wasting your time (and your editors’ and bosses’) when you don’t write engaging blog posts. In other words, you’ll fail as a blogger.

And I’m sure you don’t want that. To make better use of your time–and writing skills–start learning ways on how you can write engaging blog posts.

Teach people something

The main motivation for people who search the web is the need to learn something. Information is what we all seek. It’s what you need to give. Your readers are more likely to follow every blog post if they know you’re someone who always teach something useful.

So make sure to spend a lot of time planning your posts. Make sure that you’re writing about something that interests readers. And gather as much info as you can. Back up your claims with data from credible sources.

Be funny, witty, and entertaining

Who doesn’t like being with funny people? Why are comedians rich? It’s because we all want to be with funny people. We don’t mind spending money for a few minutes of unadulterated fun. The same thing applies with blogging. If readers are entertained by your posts, they’re sure to come back for more. It’s easy to inform others while entertaining them. Make sure, though, that you don’t focus on being funny alone. Your posts have to be relevant first.

Anger someone

Infuriate your readers. Yes, try to make them mad at you. It’s good for reader engagement. Remember, effective blog posts are those that spark emotions, including anger. How is this beneficial for your blog? This encourages healthy argument between you and your followers. You write something controversial. Someone gets mad. You then explain your stand. Your audience retaliates. You explain further until an understanding is reached.

Challenge the norms

This is great for getting people involved as well. We all live with certain norms and when one of those are challenged, we’ll feel alarmed. Opposing certain views and challenging commonly accepted notions are effective ways to get readers to comment. Eventually, this can help make your post go viral.

Make sure your personality comes across clearly

Your personality has to shine through in every post because it’ll help you establish your brand. People like to feel as if you’re personally talking to them when reading your work. That’s not going to happen when your posts are bland and lack personality. How do you do it? It’s simple. Just write as if you’re talking to someone.

Don’t attempt to sound intelligent, which is the mistake of a lot of bloggers. Don’t try to impress someone. Just be genuine with what you want to say.

Keep things short

write engaging blog postsThere’s no reason to write lengthily when you can say everything in under 500 words. No one wants to go through a long piece that doesn’t say a lot of things.

Drop names if you can

It helps to include names of experts in your posts. This will get more people to pay attention to what you have to say. This is due to our tendency to look for credibility. Industry experts are credible sources, which people are going to believe. Your blog posts are more likely to generate interest when they mention something an expert said.

Think outside the box

It’s possible that your posts are similar to others. That’s natural. Ideas get recycled regularly so you have to think of something not a lot of blogger have written about. Reading a lot should help you think of ideas that will help you write engaging posts.

How many of these are you already implementing with your blog posts? Have they worked well for you so far?

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