Science Behind Converting a First Time Visitor into a Loyal Reader – Part 1

Before I start talking about the Science, I would like to confess that I’m no guru nor will I presume as if I know it all. Although I’ve been blogging for the last two years, it was only a year ago when I started blogging seriously. So let’s come to the point.

So, you are a webmaster with a large number of visitors per month. Quite probably you have questioned yourself “how do I make my new visitor communicate more on my website?” The answer? The two-word answer is “Respect Your Readers

You get a bundle of traffic Daily but only few people comment on your blog?

Do you want to turn visitors into an effective community? Do you want to create more fun with your Blog?

There is a Strange Science Hiding behind it, Because I Think So. 🙂

Why Loyal Readers Matter

The Science of BloggingOn my blog, I place a lot of importance on capturing email subscribers, Facebook , Twitter and Google+ followers for building a blog with loyal readers. Why do Loyal readers matter ? Over the passing time of your blog you’ll see that Readers that love to see your blog will be linking to your site from their own blog.

Of course there are Some exceptions to this point. You may have seen people selling products online having never written a blog post in their live. This is a different thing which I maybe discuss on the upcoming articles on this blog. But for the most aspect you will discover that it is your loyal reader who help you develop a powerful blog which has different levels of achievement.

Devoted visitors add value to your website, if you have a huge loyal visitors Blog then your website value will be high, so loyal visitors are like resources or something like A good reputation.

This Article is divided Into 2 Parts. First one is Personalization and Production. Personalization is further divided into theme customization and writing style. We’ll be going through all of them step by step


Personalization technology enables the dynamic insertion, customization or suggestion of content”
Personalization includes everything that you do to decorate your blog or website And it’s on you how you do this to make your readers feel good when they visit your Blog. Now we’ll be going through some short tips on how  you can personalize your blog in a professional way. I’ve put some personalization tips on the way so that you can improve your number of  loyal readers.

Attractive Design

First of all, people are creatively focused and we all like looking at things that are attractive to the eye. I’m referring to shades, theme styles, and design. Your website style should indicate your niche especially if you’re using your blog to advertise your company.

Secondly, it needs to indicate your niche. I’m referring to emotions and principles here. Think of your website as a home. What sensation do your visitors want to have when they come to your home? Regardless of what feeling you are going for, make sure it’s the same feeling your niche is resonating too. Keep factors reliable and natural, and you will be off to an excellent start!

 Simplify your navigation Menu

Your navigation menu should not only tell guests what your website is about, but it should also link to your best material and useful sources. If you have links that are just there with the wish someone will simply just click it and continue studying then you are playing a fools game.

Your links should have an ideal purpose for being there and assisting your guests get around through your website.

Use different Colors to Separate Different Portions of your Blog

Using several shades is a fantastic way to separate one type of content from another and will allow your guests to quickly get where they want to go. If everything looks exactly the same not only is it less eye-catching, but it creates it tougher for a reader to separate what they like from what they do not.

If it all looks the same and the vital factor they see bores them, than to many of your readers everything must be tedious.

Don’t Get greedy to use too many ads on your Blog

Do not get too selfish. The money will come to you if you win the heart of your guests. Readers dislike sites with many ads. Strategically well and place your ads in locations where your guests can see. But not in a way which will prevent the primary content. Visitors dislike that. So, be cautious.

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This guest post was written by Salman, who is a 16 year old young blogger from a small city of Pakistan. I started blogging 4 months ago and thanks to God who blessed me with the great art of blogging. I basically cover major tech related topics such as mobile gaming and blogging tips. I’m currently writing for my own blog at Listverge.

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