Who are the Top 25 Free Hosting Companies?

Let’s face it… creating a web site is dead easy. At least it is for us bloggers and current site owners! But think about how it was for you when you were just starting out… not so easy, right?

One of the amazing things about the web space today is that it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to get started.

This is especially true when you look at what is being done in the free web hosting space.

Companies like Wix are making it extremely easy for people to visit their site, create an account and immediately be setup with a web site of their own. They don’t even need to know about the basics of HTML or how to install wordpress. Now it’s all done for them.

Why Free Hosting Companies are Great

Top 25 Free Hosting CompaniesIf you are thinking about creating your first web site or blog, going with a free web host is an excellent choice.

Not only is it free, but many of them will set you up in a manner of minutes with your first site.

You don’t need to learn how to write HTML or use FTP software to update your site. You don’t even need to install wordpress!

Some of these free hosting companies have made it so easy for you to get started that it merely comes down to you creating an account, clicking on the theme you like for your site, point/click to add your text and image content and then you are done.

All of that and a simple click of the upload button and your site is live on their service.

Now that wasn’t technical at all!

View the Top 25 Hosting Companies Infographic

So the next question you might be asking is, what are the top free hosting companies in the game today?

Blogging.org has compiled a list and killer infographic that breaks down the top free hosting solutions available today.

You can see a short list of the top 5 companies below.

  1. wix.com
  2. weebly.com
  3. 000webhost.com
  4. yola.com
  5. edublogs.com

All of these sites offer free hosting packages, while also allowing their members to upgrade their hosting packages at any given point in time for just a few dollars.

Before jumping right into the full list and infographic, some amazing web hosting stats were also revealed from the report.

  • Estimated 726 Million Active Websites on the web to date
  • 243 million domain names registered
  • 11.27 billion pages published on the Internet to date
  • Estimated 270k new websites created every day
  • 45 million server (8.2 million sold yearly/5 year lifespan average per server)

The next time you or someone you know is thinking about starting their first web site and has no previous knowledge about building a site, be sure to check out the recommended list of companies below.


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