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How To Make Giveaways Work for Your Blog

Posted by on 6th Feb 2013 | 9 comments

One of the first posts I did on this site focused on how to draw traffic to your blog. Giveaways or competitions are a great way to get  more traffic to your blog and hopefully readers who will stick around.

I try to run giveaways on my blog at least every couple of months. They are a great way to reward your current readers and to get new readers interested in your blog. Overall giveaways are a win-win for all parties involved.

Holiday Giveaways

Sponsored giveaways are also great as it means the company you are working with generally communicates with the winner and posts the prize to them. Working with companies is fun and rewarding for your readers, your blog and the company but remember to make sure the prize is relevant to your audience. It is ok to say no to companies that approach you about giveaways if you believe it would not benefit your blog.

Here are my tips for making giveaways work for your blog.

1. Ensure the product is something your audience actually wants

There is no point running a giveaway if no one will enter. You are wasting your time, your reader’s time and the sponsor company’s time (if giveaway is sponsored). Make sure you know the things your audience would want to win. This involves some research into your niche or target audience. If you are unsure get researching now!

2. Promote, promote, promote

Ensure you promote your giveaway everywhere. Include it in your tagline in forum posts and when posting comments on others blogs. Use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest to promote your giveaway. Ensure you remind readers about the giveaway in every post or even make a banner for the giveaway and post this in your sidebar, under your posts or under your header. I also find Etsy is a great place to promote your giveaways and there are even groups for giveaway promotions. Also search on Google for “blog giveaways”. There are many sites that will even promote your giveaway for you (mostly for free!)

3. Be smart and a little bit selfish

Make sure there is something in it for your blog. Sure it is nice to reward your readers and followers but make sure there are conditions for winning the giveaway prize. I usually make a condition of entry for giveaways on my blog that the winner must follow my blog. You can choose the platform they follow you on (Facebook, Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin are good ones).

4. Be prepared for fall-outs

One of the obvious fall-outs of giveaways is that people only follow your blog to win the prize then drop off as soon as it has been drawn. This happens and as long as you accept this as a part of the giveaway process then you will be prepared for followers to start dropping off the radar.


Ilana Morgan is a freelance writer, blogger and magazine editor from Australia who enjoys writing about fashion, design and technology. She writes successful vintage fashion blog and loves her cat, family and cups of tea.

9 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Beth Hewitt on 6th Feb 2013


    Great blog post. Have you got any recommendations of placed to get good sponsored products?

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth :)
    Beth Hewitt recently posted..You’ve done your blog post! Now what?My Profile

  • Posted by Cindy Buccieri on 6th Feb 2013

    Great post. Hosting giveaways is definitely a great way to boost traffic to your blog. And getting the free products is a nice perk as well.
    Cindy Buccieri recently posted..Why You Need a BlogMy Profile

    • Posted by Ilana Morgan on 13th Feb 2013

      Hi Beth
      Most of the products I receive for giveaways are people who contact me. It depends on your niche but you can always approach companies too.
      Ilana Morgan recently posted..Work Wear StyleMy Profile

  • Posted by Robert Calvin on 7th Feb 2013

    This is really good one .I think it helps a lot in promoting our website and generates good interest in readers and visitors, this really drives good traffic to website .Thanks for sharing

  • Posted by Julia Agnes on 7th Feb 2013

    WOW! awesome post! Thanks for sharing )
    Julia Agnes recently posted..Template #43114 from Newest TemplatesMy Profile

  • Posted by Bashir Ahmed on 7th Feb 2013

    Hi Illana,

    Great post and well explained! I agree that hosting giveaways on blog will boost traffic, readers. :)
    Bashir Ahmed recently posted..Giveaway: Win a 16GB Kingston Wi-DriveMy Profile

  • Posted by shafeeq on 8th Feb 2013

    nice tips…some bloggers (like me :) ) make a decent amount of money from giveways. how is your experience?

  • Posted by Shaun Hoobler on 8th Feb 2013

    Good stuff here. I’m just starting out with my blog so I’m looking around for all the tips I can get. I hadn’t really considered a giveaway competition but thinking about it, you can get great ROI on your investment compared to other advertising. Thanks!
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted..Hello world – welcome to my new blog!My Profile

  • Posted by Ravi on 11th Feb 2013

    I Just promote it on the Facebook Groups and Twitter Chats. Rest Happens automatically. Using PuchTab helps me a lot. But never thought about the rest of the Tips. Thanks
    Ravi recently posted..Top 10 Best Facebook Puzzle Games for 2013My Profile