6 Spotlights For Monetizing Your WordPress Blog Like a Pro

You want to make money with your blog, right?       monetize your blog

Well, this post isn’t going to show you that.

Instead, I’ve been worried lately on the state of blogging and why a lot of people are still broke.

I encourage you to read this post to the end, because you’d discover what you need to put in place to actually generate income from your blog.

When you read blog posts, the advice you hear from experts all the time is that you should create your own e-book, find a hot affiliate offer or become a freelancer.

This has almost become a cliché on the web and it’s no longer bringing results like it used to. Or is it?

Would you like to finally break out of blogging failure?

If you answered yes, the 6 spotlights below are the exact steps you MUST take before monetizing your blog. Enjoy and leave a comment.

1.      Have a mission statement

Do you attach a special importance to writing and blog marketing?

If you don’t, you can’t possibly monetize and profit from your blog. Don’t be deceived, writing is the #1 task that every blog owner must love. Marketing is #2.

You also need to understand that ‘quality’ content is subjective. What you perceive as quality might be average when a friend or enemy reads it. That is the reality of life.

But the bottom line is to create content that truly helps someone. That’s why I so much believe in sharing actionable tips – which can be applied right away.

Whenever you help your target audience achieve a definite goal, it means that your content is really good.

But first, write a mission statement. Know why you started blogging in the first place. If you just want to earn quick money and run away, no matter how it comes, then get ready to fail.

Every step you take MUST agree with your mission statement. Visualize the future of your blog, which includes planning and building friendship. Then stick to it.

2.      Fix your web hosting issues

It’s absurd when I see a lot of bloggers whose blogs disappear and appear almost every week. They think cheap hosting is fine, until they start making money.

This could be the reason why you’re not making money at all – trust me I know the downside of low uptime.

There are instances when you can’t access your blog because your web hosting firm had an upgrade on their server. The question is, did you ever receive any notification via email that such would happen?

A reliable web hosting company is supposed to notify their customers that at a particular time and day, a major or minor update would occur. “Please bear with us if you can’t access your blog” could prepare your mind even before your blog goes off. Don’t you think so?

Why should you monetize a blog that has a low uptime rate, poor customer service and no personalized technical support to attend to your issues promptly?

Don’t even make the mistake of sending avalanche of free traffic to your blog if your web host isn’t trustworthy. Better yet, put your wordpress in the cloud. That could make a lot of difference. It’ll enhance your database and deliver excellent uptime rate.

3.      Write 5 – 10 pillar content

What are pillar content?

From the term “pillar” it talks about the foundation of your content. For instance, if you run a web hosting company, then your pillar content has to be somewhat related to the services you offer.

When prospects & readers visit your blog, they’d be expecting a step by step guide on how to do a task and get results. Most bloggers call this the “start here” resource page.

When my blog was launched, the first seven content I wrote were pillar posts. I usually refer new visitors to those pages to get them acquainted with my voice and brand.

If you fail to do this, you’d struggle to sell any product on your blog. Yes, the product might be hot, valuable and even evergreen, but without a foundation, the building itself can’t be stand.

Well, it’s not too late to write pillar content. Start today. Research your niche very well. Pull a seat and write content that readers can bookmark, share and print out. Do this and your blog would be ready to make you real money, when you eventually monetize it.

4.      Research Amazon Bookstore

I need to point this out, because Amazon has been my #2 idea portal. Each time I’m stuck on blog post ideas, I’d visit Amazon, check new additions on business books and from there; I can easily write valuable content for my readers.

But more than that, those Amazon Books can guide you greatly. Rather than monetizing, sitting back and waiting to see if someone would click, buy or subscribe, you can avoid the trial and error approach.

In marketing, A/B Split testing is often used, because time is precious. And trying to figure out if an approach would works might not be healthy for your blog. That’s why copywriters Split test – you too should test everything. Don’t assume!

When you research Amazon Books, you’d see a trend and the hot books that are making sales and garnering honest reviews.

Read those reviews. Look through the chapters of the book and you’ll definitely improve your chances of making a living with your blog, when you monetize.

5.      Build a network of experts

How much influence do you’ve online? How do you intend to market your product without a strong network? It’d be almost impossible.

And it’s not so difficult to build a network of experts in your niche. Make a list of industry experts and approach them. Don’t be a coward. Be yourself!

When you go to them, act like a human being. Be friendly and offer your help. Don’t ask them to help you the first day, instead build a relationship by following them on twitter, commenting on their posts and attending their webinars.

Many bloggers who launched their valuable e-books couldn’t sell to potential buyers, because the product couldn’t get to them.

Without targeted traffic, you’re bound to fail when you monetize your blog. But did you know that a single tweet or email blast from an honest expert could bring about 50 – 200 in product sales within 48 hours?

Do you also know that by accident, a product that’s not valuable or helpful can sell like hot cake, if you get it in front of potential buyers?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to sell quirky product, but to help you understand the impact of a strong network. Don’t just monetize and hope for a miracle, get a team to help you achieve the success you crave for.

6.      Establish a strategic email list

An email list is a necessity for bloggers, right? Well, I don’t think so. If you don’t have your plans or a mission statement in place, I don’t think you should waste time collecting leads.

Yes, with a responsive list, you can build a profitable business online – but it takes time to establish that trust.

Interestingly, there is a better way to approach this greatest marketing tool.

The inbox is the best place to communicate VALUE and usher your target audience into a one-on-one rapport. But most people who have huge lists of subscribers are still broke? What could be the problem?

They’re yet to establish a strategy for monetizing their lists. When someone joins your list, he or she has given you an open check to sign how much you want to earn from them, providing that you’ve answers that work.

Before you could earn from a lead, you MUST exchange quality information with that person.

From the get-go, tell subscribers why you want them on your list, what they should expect and how often?

If you fail to do this, you’re merely collecting dust as leads. How pathetic?

No one is going to click, let alone buy your product. Even if they don’t unsubscribe, don’t rejoice because of that. They might be using your email subject lines to create relevant blog posts. Isn’t it funny?

Must you monetize your blog?

The answer is a resounding YES.

But the time frame needed to establish this truth is what you make of it.

Try to build an active audience first, by solving readers’ problems and cementing the relationship further through email marketing.

Afterward, monetize and you’d make more money with your blog. But be sure to checkout wordpress vps hosting – I know you’ll like it.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully consumed the 6 spotlights for monetizing your wordpress blog. What’s left now? Leave a comment below, tell me what you think and take action now. See you ahead!

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