How To Create A News Page In WordPress

If you are looking for new ways to share content on your blog, using RSS feeds is a helpful tool. The WordPress plugin NewsPage helps you use that tool to aggregate data from a number of sources to a page on your blog.

The NewsPage plugin found at WordPress is a simple plugin you can install on your blog to create a custom page of feeds. This is perfect for highlighting related news to your blog’s niche, to share feeds from other sites you own or contribute to, or to share content from your favorite news sources.

Install NewsPage Plugin

Select Add New in the Plugin area of your Dashboard. In the search area select Term and type in newspage in the text area. Click the Search Plugins button. Select the Details link to the left. Before installing any plugin check out the FYI feature area to the right to make sure your version of WordPress is compatible. If all is agreeable, click the Install Now button.


Setting Up NewsPage

After installation of the plugin, scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for the NewsPage panel to the bottom left. There are two links, RSS Feeds and Settings.

Select settings and review all the customization options that are available. A number of the areas explain what the recommended settings are and why you might select a particular setting.

Depending on how many RSS feeds you will add to the news page, update the Number of Items to Show Per Feed. Keep it low if there are a lot of feeds coming so it doesn’t take too long for the page to load. Three to five items per feed is usually manageable.

Depending on the type of RSS feeds you are adding, select how long before each feed refresh. The plugin recommends an hour. It does give the option for Seconds, Minutes, and Days as well. If your sources are news sources that publish content around the clock you might opt for anything from Seconds to Hours. If the RSS feeds are sourced from websites that publish once a day or less (your favorite blogs), then you can customize how many days apart the news page will need an update.

A few of the options pertain to the look and feel of how the content is presented on the page. Users can display titles, show a list of topics at the bottom of the news page, open links in a new window, or use code to customize your own stylesheet.

At the bottom of all the settings and stylesheet coding is the code you will need to add to a page on your blog.

Add Code To A Page

Create a new page in your WordPress blog. Give it a relevant name for the content you will be feeding into it. Copy and paste code from the NewsPage Settings area to the Text editor of your blog page.


Adding RSS Feeds to NewsPage

Go to the NewsPage panel to the bottom left and select RSS Feeds. You can add a custom name if not using the RSS feed name (creates a neater page), add the link URL (the RSS Feed), a custom topic, designate if it is Active or Inactive (you can temporarily disable feeds if needed this way). After information is added for each feed click the Add new record button. All the way to the right you can reorder links after you’ve added them (click Update after moving them). To the left you can click the check box and click Delete selected to permanently remove any links.


After your settings and feeds are complete and your page has been published, review the page live. Depending on the theme you may have to modify settings to get the look you want.

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