Should you add Contributors to your Blog?

By Chitraparna Sinha | Blogging Guide

Feb 04
Add Contributors to a Blog

Running an active blog is difficult, more so if you have to add content to more than one blog regularly.

Moreover, blogging is all about creating a community these days. Hence, I would say – Yes, you should add contributors on your blog.

Let’s see some reasons to add contributors:

(1) Where are the Posts?

As a single blog writer, you are bound to run out of blog post ideas. But, you cannot let the fatigue effect the blog. Having 2-3 regular contributors on the team will ensure you are never out of blog content.

(2) Amalgamation of Views

Everyone thinks differently so when you add contributors, you are not only ensuring timely inclusion of blog content but also incorporating the different viewpoints of the contributors. It will add more spice to the blog and catch more eyeballs.

(3) Proving Worth

Getting a chance to write for a blog is a prestigious achievement for the writer. The contributor sees this as a chance to prove his/her writing skills, knowledge and fulfill the passion for writing. You blog gives them a platform to share their thoughts.

(4) Building a Community

When you add contributors, you amplify social media sharing. If you have ten contributors, at least seven of them will share their content on social media sites. Doing so will bring in visitors to your blog. Repeated social sharing will attract more readers, add to your mailing list and create a community over a period of time.

Add Contributors to a Blog

(5) Working on Other Aspects

If you are a conscious blogger, you know that maintaining a blog requires more work other than generating quality content. If left on your own, you take about 4-5 hours to write one quality post and later, there is no time left for other blog management tasks.

You can work on other blog management aspects when you add contributors. You are basically outsourcing  and doing so, you will have more time to create newsletters, manage hosting issues, find monetization opportunities and a host of other technical and monetizing stuffs.

Should you Pay the Contributors?

You should.

I know that many bloggers may not be in a position to add contributors initially but if you want to get ahead in blogging, you need to consider this sooner or later.

The cost factor could be a deterrent but once you start earning from a blog, try to keep aside some budget for paying contributors. Start by hiring just one contributor and take it from there. See how it works out.

What is your opinion? Should blogs add contributors?


About the Author

Chitraparna Sinha is the founder of Esmee Network, a company that offers digital marketing solutions to business owners through creatively engaging content development and marketing services across multiple verticals to improve branding and business revenue. She has been writing weekly columns on BloggingTips since early 2012.

Next Web Tech February 4, 2013

Great Chitraparna explanation about guest blogging, i like it. hope that you will give me tips on blogging… thanks

    Chitraparna Sinha February 5, 2013

    HI, you misunderstood. guest blogging is important but it is different from adding blog contributors 🙂

Sarbjit Singh February 5, 2013

I’m too thinking about adding/inviting contributors for my blog, even i’d stopped accepting guest posts.

    Chitraparna Sinha February 6, 2013

    I feel adding contributors is better than guest bloggers. What do you say?

Paul February 5, 2013

Hi Chitraparna.
Thanks for sharing these tips – which all make sense considering the amount of time it takes to write and promote one’s blog on social networks.

    Chitraparna Sinha February 5, 2013

    I agree with you. These days we spend less time on writing and more on grabbing eyeballs on social networking sites 🙂

psepheroth February 12, 2013

this is very helpful article for me. I’ve been running a blog ( for almost three years now. And I must admit I ran out of ideas most of the time. So I’m now thinking of having contributors.
So, uhm… How will I hire a contributor?

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