Finding Inspiration in Dull SEO Assignments

Working in SEO and frequently blogging, like anything else, can have its ups and downs. On the one hand you gain the job satisfaction of seeing the effects your work is having on a business, you get to be creative and you get to find out all about interesting topics. On the other hand you can also get that humdinger of a project, where you have to create content about what is probably the dullest subject you can think of.

I’m not the type of person and I certainly don’t work for the type of agency that would deprive these folks of our expertise just because we don’t find the industry they’re in thrilling. The Internet is used for everything and people need to find drain cleaners and accountants just as much as they need to find a nightclub or a holiday to Barbados. We work in in a creative industry so rather than recognize these jobs as a soul-killing project, we prefer to see them as a challenge for us to get super creative!

This morning I have been doing work for one of our clients on wait for it… ladders. Before this project began my knowledge of ladders went little further than how to put up my ladder to get up to the loft, so how do we find inspiration in such a project?

Think outside the box

The Boring Times of SEO and BloggingWriting about products such as fiberglass ladders and mobile scaffold may be boring, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something interesting to write about buried in there. By brainstorming and thinking outside the box we came up with a bunch of articles we could research and write about ‘The top 10 ladder scenes in movies’, ‘Top Ladder Stories of the Month’, ‘Is Walking Under A Ladder Really Bad Luck’ are just a few we came up with.

There’s no way to avoid it, you’re going to take on SEO link building work that you may originally see as dull as dirt. But the project is ultimately worth doing because the client needs it to be done and you’re getting paid to make the client happy. This doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy, uninspired and uncreative in doing it. Our job in SEO is to improve the clients website in terms of ranking, traffic and the quality of work to get it there, we can be as proactive and creative as we like in doing so!

View it As a Challenge to Yourself and Your Colleagues

Rather than viewing the project as an obstacle you’re going to have to get around, find a way to make it into a learning experience. SEO is constantly changing and if you’re like us you’ll constantly be reading about new techniques and software that help with SEO projects. So rather than see a dull new project, see it as an opportunity to try something new. This is going to make the work more interesting whilst providing you and your colleagues with new skills or experience with which to attract more interesting work in the future. It’s a win/win situation!

Seek to Exceed Your Client’s Expectations

When faced with work you simply don’t want to do, you can either moan about it and do the bare minimum amount of work in order to meet the clients expectations, or you can take a fresh look at the specifications and seek to provide the best work that you can. While having your brainstorming sessions, think about how you could make this more advanced, and make up a proposal for the client, which you think will impress them. If your ideas are accepted, not only will you gain the job satisfaction of them liking your work, you’ll also have made the work more interesting to you as you want to see your proposal through.

Make a Game of It

If all else fails, then make a game of your work. When having hours, or days of boring work, set yourself and your team goals and reward yourselves with fun work at the end of it. Going back to our example of SEO work in ladders, if you set one of your team the task of writing a couple of ladder reviews in the morning, reward them with researching and creating a post on the funniest ladder videos they can find early afternoon. Breaking the boring stuff up into smaller chunks and linking these chunks to rewards not only makes the job go faster and easier, it will also keep your creative juices flowing even when you’re stuck with the uninspiring work you have to do.

This guest post was written by Ross Dempsey is the Head of Marketing for Glasgoweb, offering web design, PPC and SEO services in Glasgow and across the UK. Ross’ particular expertise lies in SEO, PPC, Social Media and Analytics.

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