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Create a Blog – Creating Social Networking Pages

Posted by on 4th Feb 2013 | 9 comments

With most of your blog now up and running and just waited to get indexed in the search engines, now is a good time for you to start focusing on your presence across the major social networks and building the branding around your site name and or logo.

Why Do You Need a Social Network Page?

Using Social Media to Get Blog TrafficWith over a billion users on Facebook and another several hundred thousand on Twitter and Google+, it would be an absolute travesty for you to not take advantage of these social networks. Many of you are probably already using social networks for your own personal blogs, but what a lot of people aren’t aware of is that you can create social profiles for your blogs, web sites, brands or anything else you like.

At the end of the day the important thing to realize is that you can create new social profiles or your new web sites and blogs, which will only increase your following and expand the reach your site will receive.

Not every web site, blog or online business is the same, nor do they deliver their messages in the same way. A blog about daily coupons, video games or news is much more likely to have a big following on the social networks than an information based site. Just think about it… would you really fan a page that you found on Google if you were just looking for quick info on how to find a tech job? Probably not… it’s just not a shareable and “cool” thing to “like”.

Either way, I like to make sure all of my sites are setup on the major social networks since it will give the opportunity for someone to find, share and follow if they ever wanted to. It’s also a great way to create branding and awareness around your site through the use of the social page images and backgrounds.

Below you will see how I create a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page for TechSupportJobSource.com.

Facebook Fan Page

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is easy and you can set this up through your existing Facebook account. Best of all, once you have created a Fan Page, you can put a badge on your site for people to easily “like” you and have your blog updates sent right to their Facebook page.

Facebook Fan Page Background

Twitter Account

Creating a Twitter page is also a must for your business. You will need to create a new email and account for each site you setup on Twitter, but it’s well worth it.

Custom Twitter Background


More people are using Google+ every day and it’s growing rapidly. I bet you would be surprised to know that Google+ is now bigger than Twitter in users, and only right behind Facebook in size.

Creating a Google Plus Background

How to Create Your Social Network Designs and Backgrounds

As you can see in the screenshots above, I have a unique design for all of the accounts. You can create your own designs or have them outsourced. For the creation of the Facebook Fan Page image and Twitter center image and background, I used LogoNerds. It was only $27 for the Facebook design and $47 for the Twitter design. Well worth the cost when you consider the amount of people who are going to see your social pages over the life of your account. As for the Google+ page, I simply used the Twitter background and cropped it to the side.

How to Feed Your Blog Updates to Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Depending on the type of social pages you create, you are going to want to setup your blog updates to feed automatically to your social accounts. This way you don’t need to continuously visit each social page and update them manually whenever your blog updates.

For my social pages I use dlvr.it (premium version), since it’s easy to use and one of the only networks out there that will update your Google+ pages or you. They also have a free version that you can use with a limited amount of accounts, but you will be able to stream your updates to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks without a problem. There also also a few other alternatives out there such as twitterfeed.com, which is who I was using before I switched over to dlvr.it.

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Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at ZacJohnson.com, as well as the founder of BloggingTips.com. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook

9 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Creative it on 4th Feb 2013

    always nedeed a social page for a blogger

  • Posted by Saqlain on 4th Feb 2013

    Great & Awesome Job, keep it up bro :) …..

  • Posted by myles on 4th Feb 2013

    Yes creating , those network profiles often takes some time , as one has to specific and clear and regular in their updating procedure.!! But once done , Social Media , is a great way to drive traffic. :)

  • Posted by Angela Lea on 5th Feb 2013

    Its really been Great to read the article, its so informative dude! These are basics which a social media based on

  • Posted by Richard Ng on 5th Feb 2013

    Hi Zac,

    Totally agree with your that Social Media is here to stay and Social Networking platform is an integral part of all business/online presence. The other 2 heavy weights that worth mentioning are Pinterest and LinkedIn.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Posted by Hadley on 5th Feb 2013

    Social media is crucial if you’re in business on the internet today. Google seem to be putting more importance behind it all the time.

  • Posted by Mobile Apps Developer on 5th Feb 2013

    Hi Zac,
    I am also agree with your post that, social profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is very important. Personally for business purpose, i think, Google+ page will be more helpful. Facebook page is also one of the good option but on Google+, we can find some more serious users.

  • Posted by Robert Calvin on 5th Feb 2013

    This is really informative post , i agree with you social media really plays an important role in your business presence , but what is the most effective way to drive traffic ?

  • Posted by Winson Yeung on 5th Feb 2013

    Twitter feed is really a great tools to automate the content for the social platform. But personally I don’t use Google + much because much of my friends are using facebook instead.