5 Vital Things to Do after Publishing Your Blog Post

Did you just publish a new article on your blog? And you’re happy, right?

I guess it took you lots of time and effort – mental energy – to finish that article.

Don’t pat yourself on the back yet.

There a few more things to do to crown your effort.

Don’t fret, it will only take you a few minutes and you’re ready to pop the Champagne.

So what’s next? That’s a good question.

It’s like a newly released music album. A musician doesn’t release his new album, celebrate his success and then move on to work on the next project. The producers and marketers have to promote the album through various sources.

That’s exactly what you need to do for your new blog post. And that’s what you’ll learn in this article – the five vital things to do after publishing a new article on your blog.

1. Share your article on social media platforms

Using Social Triggers in Your BlogAfter you hit the publish button, the next and most important step to take is to notify your readers. The good places to target are social networking sites. Shared content on social media websites have the potential to spread like wildfire than any other platform.

Inform your followers on various social sites about your new article, and encourage them to share it with their friends and colleagues. To increase response, make the sharing process simple. Add the sharing buttons of social sites that your readers frequent most. Particularly, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social outlets where your readers visit often.

2. Leave comments on other blogs with related article

Besides your blog, there are similar blogs that might have covered the same topic as your article. But don’t worry about that. Chances are they’ve not talked about all the points in their articles as you have done in your blog post. This is where intelligent commenting comes into play.

Now, search for similar blogs in your industry. Visit AllTop.com and Technorati.com for similar blogs. When you compile a list of them, scour each blog and read a few articles on similar category to yours.
Take the time to read a couple of articles. It will enable you to leave comments that their readers will find relevant and useful. Once you read a few articles, leave helpful comments and subtly link to your recent article. Do this on a good number of blogs.

To make this work, your comments should be relevant to the topics of the blog posts. And your article should offer tips and advice that have not been discussed in your target blog posts.

3. Send out a newsletter about the update

Creating Effective EmailsIf you’ve been able to build a list of subscribers, it’s imperative that you notify them of any update on your blog, including new articles. The fact that subscribers have decided to join your list means they’ve given you permission to contact them for anything related to your blog.

Write a compelling newsletter, with a magnetic headline that will pique the interest of your subscribers once they see your email in their inboxes. In the newsletter, make your message persuasive. Outline the benefits that they’ll derive when they read the article, and how it will help improve their lives or businesses. Also, encourage them to leave comments after reading, and share the article on their preferred social media websites.

4. Reach out to bloggers

A good relationship with other bloggers will help promote your blog, and make it popular. Bloggers are often busy with numerous projects. While they’re busy working on several projects, they still strive to create valuable content for their blogs.

Some bloggers will appreciate it if someone offers to give their readers informative and helpful content. If you’ve really published a valuable article, there’s no doubt that fellow bloggers will not share it with their readers.

Approach bloggers in the same niche with you. Send out personal emails to each of them. In your email, introduce yourself, tell them how you discovered their blogs, and what you like about them.

Next, inform them about your recent article, the main concept behind it, and the benefits their readers will obtain from reading it. Go a step further and explain how it will help make their readers better people either in their businesses or lives.

Don’t send out a generic email to a group of bloggers at once. Strive to make every email personal to an individual blogger. This might seem daunting but it worth the effort. A well written email might be your key to a good relationship with a fellow blogger. Give it a try.

5. Reply to Comments

Interactions with Blog ReadersIf your readers are the responsive types, don’t be surprised to see comments within few seconds after your article goes live. Some of your readers will not even wait for you to notify them about the new blog post. Their regular visit to your blog alone will keep them current about any update.

When this happens, don’t wait until the next day before replying to comments. Reply as soon as you possibly can. It will encourage them to leave comments on your subsequent articles. Furthermore, when you notify readers through any of the previous tips, and they see the number of comments on the article, they will be motivated to also leave comments after reading the blog post.

Remember this …

Following the above tips can be daunting if you’re doing it for the first time. But I can assure you that it will become easier if you do it more often.

Publishing a new blog post is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes updating a blog. Ideally, you need to notify your target readers about your newly published article through different platforms. By following the above tips, your new article will go viral and reach your target audience on various outlets.

This guest post was written by Saeed Sikiru, who is a prolific freelance blogger. He’s the editor of a content marketing blog where he offers his freelance blogging service. If you have a blog that needs regular content, hire Saeed to write quality and persuasive articles for you.

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