5 Chrome Extensions that Help You Promote Your Content

BrandMyMail Chrome Extension

What methods do you use to promote your blog and content on the Web? One of the things I love most about Google Chrome and even Firefox, is the huge variety of extensions and add-ons available. No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, you can just about find a browser tool to help you do it.

Today, we’re going to talk about promoting content via Google Chrome. I want to share 5 useful extensions that can really help to give your blog content a boost in a matter of minutes. Let’s get started.


WiseStamp Chrome Extension

WiseStamp was reviewed here on Blogging Tips a few years ago. Although it has evolved quite a bit, the concept is still the same. WiseStamp provides interactive, socially-charged email signatures for Gmail. You can add things like links to your social profiles, your latest social networking posts, your latest blog posts, your company logo, and much more. If you send out a lot of emails on a daily basis, you can use WiseStamp to promote your content and increase your followers.

BrandMyEmail is a similar extension that offers dynamic signatures along with email templates for Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and more. It was also reviewed here on Blogging Tips (last year – 2012). It’s a great way to promote both your content and social profiles, and you can also create branded templates to help promote your company.

AddThis and Shareaholic

Shareaholic Chrome Extension

I’ve put these two together because they’re extremely similar to one another. They both add social sharing menus to Chromes toolbar, allowing you to share any Web page on numerous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Buffer, and much more. Both AddThis and Shareaholic are great for sharing your content across the Web, it’s just a matter of preferences which one you choose.

I’ve used both extensions and I prefer Shareaholic because it supports more services and also lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts for each sharing services. Plus, you can also see your shared history.

HootSuite Hootlet

HootSuite Hootlet Chrome Extension

HootSuite is also a social sharing tool, with the added bonus of scheduling. HootSuite supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, MySpace, and mixi. That means that you can share posts on any of those sites and schedule them to post on the day and time that you choose. This is a great way to keep your social profiles active and it’s also great for re-sharing old posts and help bring in more traffic.

If you’re publishing evergreen content, then you won’t have to worry about your posts being out of date; you’ll be able to share them over and over again, and HootSuite is the perfect tool for that.

Summer Social Bar

Summer Social Bar Chrome Extension

I posted about Social Bar a couple of weeks ago. It’s an awesome tool that lets you create your own customized toolbar, which will automatically appear when you share a link anywhere on the Web. The toolbar will include links to your blog and/or social profiles, thus helping to increase traffic, followers, virality, and engagement. You can also track clicks and see how well your links are doing.

You’ll need an account at Social Bar in order to use the Chrome extension, but it’s definitely worth it. The only downside is that you can only share 5 links/day with a free account.

Over to You

What Chrome extensions do you use to promote your content on the Web or in Gmail? Do you use any extension(s) or methods at all to help promote your content? If not, you’re really missing out!

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