Top 10 Practical Tips for Guest Bloggers

Top 10 Practical Tips for Guest BloggersTo be a guest blogger is not an easy task. Though the rewards may be enormous, yet your preparation for the other blogger to allow you to post is also very challenging.  Preparation is very much needed for you to be considered as a guest.  You must establish your skills and credentials first before permission to post will be granted.

If you are yearning to become a guest blogger on your favored blog site, make use of these ten (10) practical tips specially prepared for you to heighten your chance of becoming a guest blogger.


Study your preferred blog site

As the usual adage, know thy opponent. You should make an effort in getting to know the blogger and his blog. Read the content of his blogs so that you will know his leanings on the niche. Know he’s kind of audience through the comments posted on the site. By going through these things, you will have a knowledge on what content is acceptable, favored or detested on that blog.  In these ways, you will have an idea on what blog is soothing for the audience and what topics are to be avoided. If you want, you can insert a comment or idea on the site and see how the audience will respond.


Show your credentials

Requesting to be a guest blogger is just like applying for a job. There  is a need for your to show your credentials to the other blogger before permission is given. Make sure to provide your credentials so that the other blogger will know your skills and expertise. Convince the blogger why you deserve to write a guest post, and why his audience will love and appreciate your blog.


Insert your blog post with your request

Attaching your post in your request to be considered as a guest blogger will enable the blogger to know what you can offer and your skill  in writing. This method  is very convenient for a busy and successful blogger.  He can immediately determine what you can provide , in terms of content and quality. Making  it so much easier for the blogger to accept your request.


Be candid and frank

In your correspondence with the other blogger, avoid making unnecessary compliments. Openly, tell him who you are, that you want to be  a guest blogger, what your skills are and  what you can offer to  him, his audience for the betterment of his blog site. Get to the point. Be honest as to your credentials, blog statistics or other information that you offer. Limit your communication with the other blogger to what is essential and true. For if you will be caught embellishing your credentials, it will truly ruin our reputation.


Show your blog statistics

Showcasing your blog statistics will help  the blogger  decide on your request. This statistic includes your rankings from the different type of search engines, page view figures, and your monthly blog visitors. Or any other useful information that will help illustrates that a post from you will offer useful links and probable traffics coming from your own blog readers or audience.


Flaunt your expertise about blogging

With the objective that you will make it very easy for the blogger to publish your post, give the blogger an idea on how you will deliver your guest post so that there will be less conversion  to be done just to post the article. You will   inform the blogger that the content that you provided is an original one. Additionally, you will tell him that such blog will surely be very  helpful to his audience, and the images that goes along with the article will not be violating any copyright law.


Initially prepare short blogs

Since you are new  in guest blogging, it is advisable that you will start with short blogs. In that way, you will learn the trade in small portions. It is best that you are careful with your actions for you are in the process of marking  your online reputation and your very own blog traffic. Even though it may be short blogs, but you have arrived at your goal which is to gain exposure.


Insert your links

Aside from creating possible leads, inserting your links will display your prowess in writing. It will also demonstrate how knowledgeable you are of the topic at  hand since you can connect your previous writings in the past. This tip will abide with the earlier  tip that encourages you to prepare short blogs. Instead of discussing exhaustively, you can insert links on your blog instead.


Offer your most compelling blog

Make sure that the blog you gave is nothing but the best.Do not overdo in loading your post with your links. Keep it minimal. Otherwise, this will be your first and last blog post on this website since the blogger considered your post a nuisance.

Aside from the content, the blog must be submitted on time, no wrong spelling, grammatically correct and in your blogger’s preferred format. With all  these checked and perfected,  it is very possible that the blogger will ask for an additional article.


Advertise your guest post

Upon publication of your guest post, do no forget to advertise it and drive traffic to it. If the blogger notices that your post drive massive traffic, new people posting some comments and making a conversation, there is a big possibility that he will ask you to write in his blog again. Be true to yourself. Consider comments that are coming from objective audience and not from your other email account or from your friends or family members.


Guest blogging is surely a bit rigid but once that you have mastered all these advices, it will only be a walk in the park. It seems hard but the end result is very life changing  to your business. Hope that this article gave you enough tips on how to become a successful guest blogger.

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