Turn Your Facebook Fan Page into a Website with TouchVu

Turn Your Facebook Fan Page into a Website with TouchVu

Are you looking for an easy way to create a website for your brand or business? Do you already have a Facebook fan page? If you’ve answered yes to both, then I want to introduce you to an awesome Web app called TouchVu. It’s currently in private beta, but luckily I have the private beta URL for you.

TouchVu is geared toward people who have a Facebook fan page, but no actual website; it makes creating a website super easy. If you already have all of your information on your Facebook page, why should you have a totally different website? There’s really no need for it.

With TouchVu, you can just convert your Facebook fan page to a beautiful, responsive website in minutes. Best of all, your TouchVu website is automatically updated whenever you post something new or update your Facebook fan page.

Getting Started

Creating your TouchVu website is really easy. Just click on the “Signup with Facebook” button on the home page to start converting your Facebook fan page to a website. You’ll need to add the TouchVu Facebook app to your account and give it permission to access your fan page(s).

Click on the Facebook fan page that you want to create a website for.

Once directed back to the TouchVu website, you can just click on the page that you want to create a website for. In a matter of seconds, your website will be created and you’ll be able to add a logo and site name. You can also change the colors of your website if you don’t want to use the default color scheme.

Once your website is created you can add a logo and change the colors.

Finally, you’ll be able to preview your website. TouchVu lets you easily see the mobile view, tablet view, and desktop view of your website – all from a single page.

Preview your completed TouchVu website.

Customize Your Website

As mentioned above, you can customize your website title (if you choose to have it displayed), add a logo, and change the colors of your website. This is all done from a small tabbed area at the top of your website preview. You can change the following colors: background, navigation, title, heading, text, and links.

Customize your website before going live.

That’s really all there is to customize on your website; everything else is done for you. When you’re done, just click on “Go Live” at the top of the customization area.

You can use a custom domain or subdomain with your TouchVu website.

By default you’re stuck with a subdomain of touchvuhq.com that you can’t customize, but you are free to use a custom domain (or subdomain) if you’d like. You’ll just have to create a new “A Record” in your hosting account and add TouchVu’s IP address to it.

When you’re done, you can go back to the dashboard and create websites for your other fan pages as well (if you have any more). From what I can see, there aren’t any limitations to the number of websites that can be created on TouchVu.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. TouchVu is a really simple tool to use and extremely user-friendly. I’m really impressed with how clean and stylish design of the website.

The only thing I can really complain about is the fact that users can’t “like” your page from your website. Also, there’s no way to interact with the posts; they’re not even linked, so there’s no way to be redirected to the actual post on Facebook. Besides that, I’m really happy with this application.

With TouchVu, you don’t have to worry about complicated website builders or keeping up maintenance. Once your site is set up you never have to edit it again – unless you want to change the title, logo, or colors.

Will you use TouchVu for your Facebook fan page?

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Jack Roy - February 1, 2013

Brilliant idea Charnita ! Actually I am looking at ways to revamp my Facebook fan page the other day, & this is the perfect idea. One important aspect of a Facebook fan page is that it is indexable by the search engines and therefore can/does increase your brand’s presence online – regardless of how big (or small) your brand is. And From desktop browsers to mobile phones, a responsive WordPress theme functions equally for all kinds of devices. With the design in place, browsers are open towards choosing proper page load styles releasing the businesses from the worry of maintaining different page sets for diverse display scenarios.

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