Create a Blog – Must Use WordPress Plugins

The behind of the scenes of any wordpress blog is where all of the magic happens. Not only is it where you create your blog content, but it’s also where you can play around with your blog theme and wordpress plugins.

Now that we have a blog installed and started writing out first pages of content we should start focusing on making sure our site navigation, links, tracking and everything else is good. Fortunately all of this can be done through the use of the free wordpress plugins that we listed below.

Must Use WordPress Plugins

The following plugins are all free to download and use. The screenshots below are from the actual plugin in use on To install any of the recommended plugins below on your blog, simply search for them on the “Add New” Plugins page within WordPress. (or we can install them for you – click here)

Contact Form Plugin

Every blog should have a contact form and there’s no easier way set one up than with the “Contact Form Plugin”. Once installed, all you need to do is place [contact_form] on any page of your blog and a full contact form will appear.

Contact Form WordPress Plugin

Shareaholic Social Plugin

Making your blog posts shareable through social networks is one of the best ways to get new traffic and get spread among the social networks. There are a lot of social plugins out there, but one I like and have been using is called “Shareaholic”. When installed the plugin allows you to pick and choose which social buttons you’d like to add to your site and add them in a nice row at the bottom (or other locations) of your post content. You can also add different images and features to draw more attention to the social buttons.

Shareaholic WordPress Plugin

Related Posts Plugin

Another thing I like to add to the bottom of all my blogs is as “Related Posts” section. Once a reader is done reading your blog, wouldn’t it be great to give them some other related options instead of leaving your site? I like this plugin because it shows the image from the post as well.

Related Posts WordPress Plugin

AddThis Follow Widget

I wanted to add in some of my social networking pages to the side bar of the blog. To do this I used the “AddThis Follow Widget”. After installation, you can select which social networks you want to link to, along with choosing different locations for the buttons to appear.

Follow Us WordPress Plugin

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast

Even though wordpress is quite amazing and ready to go right after install, you can still use the help of “WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast” to better index and title your blog posts and pages. After installing the plugin you can manage all of the titles and settings for various pages through out the blog.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

There are plenty of other great wordpress plugins out there, but we don’t want to go too crazy with adding too many at the moment. The more plugins you add to your blog, the more likely you are to slow it down.

When a blog is just in the beginning phases you won’t have too much of a need for plugins beyond the ones we recommended here. As the blog continues to grow in size we will introduce new free and premium plugins to the site.

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