Tips for Creating Your Own Review Site

If you’ve ever wanted to make money with a blog of your own, one of the best ways to do so is by creating a “review” style type of site. The concept behind a review style site is simple, whatever the topic of the site is, you review the heck out of it, provide killer reviews and allow users to leave feedback from their previous experience with the product or service.

Review sites are excellent for generating leads because when someone goes to the search engines and search for anything with “review” in it, they are already likely to be in “buying mode”. From this point on it’s up to you to provide them with the information they are looking for, while also passing along your affiliate link so you get credit from the sale.

Let’s take a look at two different examples of how review sites are working in two completely different niches.

The first site we can take a look at is

Most of us are familiar with how the stock market works, but there is also a whole other world out there when it comes to financial options and trading. Binary options are one of the most interesting and fastest growth areas right now.

Not everyone knows how binary options works, so there is a lot of traffic out there searching for how to get involved and started.

That is exactly what the binary options review site below focuses in on.

You will see they have a review of their top recommended services for trading options, while also having a navigation bar beneath that informs the site user on what binary options are, how to trade them and what sites you should start using.

Binary Options

The next review site that we can look at is

What makes Web Hosting Geeks really special is that they are in an extremely competitive niche, yet have been one of the leaders in the hosting review niche since 2004.

You can see at the top of their site that they have over 8,786 reviews from real customers on their site. This definitely goes a long way.

The left side menu area is a break down of all the different types of hosting services out there. If you were to click on one you would be lead to a category specific page that talks about the services out there and compares them against each other.

Web Hosting Geeks

How to Create Your Own Review Style Site

There’s no secret that there is a massive amount of money to be made in the review site business, especially with the two examples above. Binary options trading networks are likely paying big money ($100+) for every new referral to their site, and most of us are already familiar with the high payouts in the web hosting business ($100-$200+).

Now that you’ve seen two working examples of review sites that are doing pretty well, here are some guidelines and tips for creating your own review site.

  1. How to Create a Review SiteKeep it simple and keep it tight! Don’t try to focus on too wide of a niche and confuse the people visiting your site.
  2. Choose a money maker! Not all review sites will make as much money pushing referrals to other services. Do some research to make sure there are high payouts and a demand for the products or services you are reviewing.
  3. Make it easy to vote! The driving force behind many of these successful review sites out there is that they make it easy for users to vote and leave feedback.
  4. Create something easy and memorable! You don’t need an insane looking site to find success. Most of the review and testimonials sites out there have simplistic and easy to use designs.
  5. Content is still king! What good is a review site without reviews. Before going live with your review site, make sure you have enough content on there to inform your readers about everything they need to know. Don’t rely only on your reviews and rating.

Now get out there and start up a review blog of your own!

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