How to Monetize Your Blog

By Ilana Morgan | Making Money

Jan 30

Deciding to monetize your blog is something you need to think long and hard about. What sort of avenues will you use to generate income? Will you use traditional advertising or make use of affiliate advertising or Google AdSense?

There are hundreds of options for you to choose from and this can sometimes become confusing and intimidating. I find it is best to monetize your blog from your reader’s perspective. There is no use advertising an Amazon Shoe ad if your blog is a technology based one. Similarly why promote something your readers would not want to purchase or click on? Your advertising space is precious so you should only be adding things of value! I went through the stage of adding everything and anything but this can work to your detriment. Your readers may get annoyed by the ads popping up that are of little relevance to their interests and will not return to your blog. Sometimes as a blogger you have to learn this the hard way, but I hope this post helps you avoid that pitfall.blogging for money

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a great way to start advertising and is great for beginners who are new to monetizing their blogs. Google displays ads on your website that are suited to your audience’s interests, and you can earn money from valid clicks or impressions.

You can choose sizes and where you want the ad positioned on your blog by adding the html code to that section of the blog. This type of advertising is great to start on but I personally found it didn’t bring much revenue.

Traditional Advertising

You may just choose to use traditional advertising, meaning paid ads in your sidebar or wherever you ad space is on your blog. These can be in a variety of sizes and shapes and may include things like featured posts for the largest ad for example. This always entices people to go for the largest advertising spot if they think they can get something else out of it rather than just ad space.

There are now websites that even look after this for you so you don’t need to go through the hassle of updating ads on a daily basis. Passionfruit Ads are great to use as advertisers can immediately pay for a spot on your blog without even having to email you. Of course you decide if you want the ad to appear on your blog or not and always have complete control.

 Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are a fantastic way to monetize your blog and I find they are the most profitable. You can display products you love in a post and link back to the product using an affiliate link meaning you earn commission when someone purchases the product. You can also do reviews and link back to products or websites the possibilities are endless.



About the Author

Ilana Morgan is a freelance writer, blogger and magazine editor from Australia who enjoys writing about fashion, design and technology. She writes successful vintage fashion blog and loves her cat, family and cups of tea.

Kent Morris January 30, 2013

Making money online needs to be patient for capturing the viewers attention on your business through advertising or marleting. I already use google adsense before on my answering service website and I would say it was effective to make my site visible to other and also on the search engines but it will take too much money so you need to be patient and do what it correctly to acheive what’s your goal.

Thank you

Cari Miller January 30, 2013

With so many blogs popping up daily I think it is important to first build valuable content which will also begin to bring visitors to your blog. Overtime when more visitors coming to your site you can then monetize your site and begin to make decent income.

    Zac Johnson February 1, 2013

    Definitely, and if you ARE going to blog for money, you still need to build a monetization and growth plan before even starting.

Kimsea January 31, 2013

Thanks for sharing! Yes, absolutely the google ads and affiliate marketing is the great way to monetize blogging career. I love the post it so friendly and make sense.

John January 31, 2013

First step it’s doing blog for people. Not for making money 😉

MrEnergyCzar February 1, 2013

Aren’t you liable using an affiliate link? If someone died using a product you had a link to on your site, I’d imagine the lawsuit would go after the product itself, it’s site and the site they originally saw the product on. Doing reviews must make you liable as well. Thanks.

    Zac Johnson February 1, 2013

    No, you wouldn’t be liable. You aren’t selling the product and it’s just advertising. If NBC shows a commercial for a car and you get in a car accident and die, they wouldn’t be held liable for the accident.

class2012yearbook February 2, 2013

I like the ideas you came up with and i thank you for them. I have this blog and the people told me about the possibility of making money out of it. Everything sounds very tempting but i still have to read quite a lot about it,because there are things i don’t really understand,such as the Affiliate Links. I mean I UNDERSTAND how it is done ,but how do i get paid?
Do i get in touch with the selling companies? Please ,HELP!
Thank you

Gabriella February 15, 2013

“First step it’s doing blog for people. Not for making money”, John, it is your problem.

Igor February 26, 2013

Affiliate links are a fantastic way to monetize your blog, thanks a lot, Zac! Very important information..

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