7 Secrets to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest

urlPinterest recently announced that the number of Pinterest users as at November 2012 was approximately 11 million. Of these, approximately 80% are women between the ages of 25-55 (but the number of men is rapidly climbing). It is also interesting to note that most Pinterest users hold annual salaries in excess of $50,000.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.  In this post I will teach you 7 secrets to marketing your business with Pinterest.

For all these hype and record-breaking statistics, however, you are not ready for Pinterest marketing if you don’t have a well thought out strategy. Using the techniques discussed below will prevent you from wasting your pinning efforts.

Know your ideal client

Any kind of marketing campaign can only succeed if it is designed with the client in mind, and Pinterest marketing is no exception. It is fundamental, therefore, to come up with descriptive profiles of the types of clients you are targeting. You can get this data in several ways, one of which is client interviews. These descriptions can include age, hobbies, number of children, marital status, and level of education and such like things.

Create a great profile

Once you have the necessary data, you can create the profile you want. If you are targeting multiple types of clients, it stands to reason that you will create different profiles for each of them. Try to be as detailed as possible if you wish your Pinterest marketing campaign to be successful. This definition will help you to understand what your clients want.

Ensure you have the right Pinterest image

The image you project in Pinterest can make or break your marketing campaign. If you are using Pinterest for marketing for the first time, you will have to go with the learning curve. It might take you some time to get it right, but the effort you put will not go to waste. The board, in particular, should be well planned. If you go around throwing images that are not carefully chose, then you are wasting your resources.

Don’t start pinning before plan what you want to talk about, and try to say it in an interesting manner. Being dull will only drive people away from your site. Do you know you can also use images and videos for content? In short, let your personality shine.

Offer valuable content

To have a good following, you need to have valuable content on your Pinterest page. Just remember that it will take you a fairly long time to get a good following on this site compared to other social media sites. As usual, having quality content is more important than having a high quantity of content. This is the only way to ensure that your content arouses interest in those who view it.

Don’t focus on promoting your products/services

The key to having great content is to avoid sounding like a salesperson. Offer valuable information to your potential clients, and don’t try to force your wares down their throats. In as much as marketing is your endgame, you will not be very successful if you focus on sales promotion. For example, if you are in the restaurant industry, you should not focus solely on promoting your restaurant. If you can provide recipes, cooking tips, and other related useful information, you will keep your audience engaged.

Be active and stay current

Pinterest content occupies the position between a blog and a website, in terms of permanency. This means you can continually update your image to reflect the changing times. Take advantage of this feature to remain current and keep your customers interested in your pages. For example, if you retail clothes, you should change your pictures to reflect the seasons and prevailing trends.

Integrate Pinterest marketing in your overall marketing strategy

Don’t forget that using Pinterest for marketing is just one of your marketing strategies, and you will enjoy more success if you tie them all together. In particular, this social site should help you drive traffic to your website, add them to your prospect/mailing list and eventually convert them to customers. Find a way to tie your ideas and knowledge with the content on your website and your customers will follow you from the former to the latter. You can do this by putting a link to your website on your Pinterest page. Other list building activities are available too. The techniques above will go a long way in making your marketing with Pinterest campaign successful.

Scott Krager is the founder of SERPs.com, a dashboard more measuring online marketing. He lives in rainy Portland, OR.

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