Blogging About Valentine’s Day Brings Big Profits

When you think about making big money online during the holidays you probably think about the 4th quarter of the year and Christmas. What most people forget is that Valentine’s day is one of the biggest money makers all year round.

Let’s just think about valentine’s day for a second and what people are buying and thinking of…

  • Chocolates and flowers… the two mega sellers of Feb 14th!
  • A romantic night on the town and of course dinner!
  • No one wants to be alone… dating offers!
  • Diamonds are a girls best friend!

The list goes on and on… there are so many way to make money from Valentine’s day and especially for bloggers too. Whether you are going to focus on selling flowers or chocolates through affiliate links or make money off your content with Google Adsense, there is plenty of traffic and advertiser money to go around.

Let’s face it, the majority of people like to wait til the last minute to buy gifts and plan special events for their partner.

Not only does this means you can target everyone who plans in advance but also everyone who runs to the internet to search for last minute gifts and ideas as well.

If you were to create a blog that was focused on Valentine’s day gifts and romantic ideas, not only would you have an audience all year round from anniversaries, birthday, dating and more… but your traffic and revenue would just explode during February.

Take a look at some of these amazing stats from “The Billion Dollar Online Economy for Valentine’s Day” infographic from

  • Over 1 billion Valentine’s day cards are sent in the U.S. alone
  • 189 million stems of roses are sold in the U.S, adding up to $1.6 billion!
  • 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate are sold.
  • Of the $15.7 billion spent in the U.S. on valentines day, $2.85 billion will be spent online.

The bottom line is that people are flocking to the internet to do their Valentine’s day shopping and to get last minute ideas for their special loved ones. If these numbers aren’t inspiring enough for you to start a Valentine’s day niche blog, I don’t know what would be.

Check out the infographic below and get inspired before this years Valentine’s day comes and goes!

The Valentine's Day Economy

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