Top 10 Video Interview Tips From Expert Murray Newlands

I’m not huge in the video space but know it’s attracting billions of views each day.  I had a chance to meet with Murray at the last Affiliate Summit in Vegas to ask about the good, the bad and the ugly of video marketing.  Below are Murray’s top 10 video interview tips!

murray-newlandsIf you are in Performance Affiliate Marketing you will know who Murray Newlands is. He’s the guy at all the conferences with the spiky hair! He is the best known video interviewer in the space. Murray is very professional and very prolific (shooting over 100 interviews at his last 3 day conference).  Darren Blatt who runs the Affiliate Ball during Affiliate Summit presented him with a AFFY Award for Outstanding Achievement during this years conference.

Murray Newlands is a host, author, and founder of the full service marketing agency Influence People. He has spoken at events around the world such as the Affiliate Summit Marketing Conference in New York City and Las Vegas and the World Bloggers Summit in Malaysia.

Here are Murray’s Top 10 Tips:

1. Try and find people who have something interesting to say, some knowledge they can share that people want to know about.

2. Explain to people what you want in the  video interview. If you want them to give you top 5 tips, then ask them that first before you get them on camera.

3. People are often nervous to be on camera. Let them know you can reshoot it and have conversation with them about what you will talk about on camera so they feel comfortable.

4. Get a good camera and the right equipment. It does not make a good interview, but the wrong equipment can make a good interview look bad.

5. Develop a good reputation with your community so that they want to be interviewed by you and know what to expect when you are pointing a lens and lights at them.

6. Shoot lots of interviews for two reasons: Practice makes perfect, and some videos may have problems that go unnoticed and need to be discarded later.

7. Trade shows are a great place to shoot interviews because you get to meet lots of people. But they are also very busy so you need to work hard and fast to meet everyone you want.

8. If someone wants to interview and then just gives you a sales pitch on camera, smile shoot it quickly, say thank you, move on and do not use it. Do not waist time and energy fighting them.

9. When it starts to take off, be humble and approachable. Do not be that guy who will not speak to anyone.

10. Tell people what you are looking for. I want to interview people with news/tips/knowledge about performance marketing.

Murray what are your plans for this year?

I am looking for more publications to work with. Probably in the mobile space but I am open to different sectors.


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